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Dear Queer: Letter


An advice column about sexuality, gender, dating and overall queerness By Mollie Whuppie /// Staff Writer I was inspired by a book my friend recently bought me, The Letter Q: Queer Writers’ Notes to their Younger Selves, to write a letter to my younger queer self. So for this last issue of the semester, and as

The Pioneer Log sizes up ASLC presidency


It’s midterm time for all of us, including ASLC President Lincoln Boyd By Caleb Diehl /// Editor-in-Chief Lewis & Clark students have a volatile relationship with their ASLC president. Last spring, through a recall election, students ousted former Associated Students of Lewis & Clark President Callie Rice (’14). They gathered 100 signatures on a petition

Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor, The Queer Resource Center is writing to address the article published on “gender-open” restrooms. We feel that the article is more reflective of the editor’s and author’s desire to finish the story than respect the voices of trans and genderqueer students of Lewis & Clark. We would like to highlight portions of the