Professors find love and partnership at LC


By Lluvia Meyreles The workplace romances inside Lewis & Clark faculty do not quite top those of a daytime soap opera, but sometimes it feels like it. You could probably find a couple inside every department if you looked hard enough. But, how did these couples come to be in the first place? Assistant Professor

The tenure track blocks innovation


By Lluvia Meyreles Publish or perish. So goes the intimidating and incentivizing adage used to describe the looming goal for all aspiring professors: tenure. If you need to put in a lot of work in order to achieve entrance to the hallowed halls of academia, then the results should be great. The competitive nature of tenure

Politics in the Classroom


“If we can’t have these conversations with peers and professors that we know and trust, how can we have them in the ‘real world?’” said Alec Ballweg ’18. when confronted with the issue of politics being discussed in the classroom when the course is not directly related to politics. As the election deadline has loomed

This Issue’s College Issues: How tenure can be used to protect controversial professors


Though professors are protected from unjust termination, administrative overreach plagues academia   As a staunch opponent to the educationally destructive institution of tenure, I rarely encounter news stories in which tenured professorship has indeed progressed the academic environment of a school.  Instead, news outlets frequently divulge the many aggravating horror stories related to the offering

Inside Tenure: the track to tenure takes years and luck to secure a permanent spot


Many professors at Lewis & Clark are hired with the expectation that they will eventually receive tenure, a sought-after position in which their job at LC is almost completely secure. However, professors must go through a lengthy review process before they achieve this position — and if their evaluation doesn’t go well, they will likely