Neon Indian

The sounds of the summer


By Drew Matlovsky LET’S GO SURFIN’ now / Everybody’s learning how / Come on and safari with me. With three lines and a couple of chords, the Beach Boys “Surfin Safari” would go on to define the ‘sound’ of summer. It didn’t matter that the Beach Boys weren’t the first to tinker with the rockabilly-blues

Neon Indian – VEGA Intl. Night School Review: Alan Palomo soars


By CADE MILLER AS A LONGTIME fan of Alan Palomo’s work under the Neon Indian moniker, I can safely say that “VEGA Intl. Night School” was worth the four-year wait. On this record, Palomo manages to craft a very funky, chaotic sound that is both endearingly cheesy and refreshingly original. It is easy to see