Word of the week: Nugget

December 4, 2015 The Log 0

By MCKENNA TEIGLAND While Australia might be well known for its multitude of creatures that like to try and kill us humans, the evils of giant poisonous

Word of the Week

October 30, 2015 The Log 0

Hallow – Solemnly Get Excited By MCKENNA TEIGLAND AS OUR SUGAR rushes and/or hangovers slowly abate, I would, in the spirit of Halloween, I would like to

Word of the Week

October 16, 2015 The Log 0

Hoverboard By MCKENNA TEIGLAND What I am about to tell you will probably elicit the same reaction that it elicited from me: the word “hoverboard” was only

Word of the Week

October 2, 2015 The Log 0

Verisimilitude – is that true? Okay, so I have a confession to make: I have a favorite word, and that word is verisimilitude. Hailing from the Latin