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Do you hate Lewis & Clark College? Donate.


By Drake MacFarlane In the wake of the successful Day of Giving, the issue of donations and institutional advancement have thrust their way into our already busy lives here at Lewis & Clark. I’m sure many of you are familiar with the feeling of incredulity when asked to donate to an institution that we’re already

KLC Radio prepares for Sunburn Fest 2016


By Ben Weinstein /// Arts Editor Check out the Facebook pages of TOPS and Baths to hear their music. Check out the Sunburn Facebook event for more information. Your Lewis & Clark student ID will be required for entry.  LC has come alive throughout the past few weeks. Students can be found strolling across campus clad

College Republicans challenge LC’s liberal status quo


  By Emma Grillo /// Features Editor For many Lewis & Clark students, college is a time to really let the liberal freak flag fly. We buy a pair of Birkenstocks, feel the Bern and demand universal health care. Yet Bradley Davis ‘18, one of the re-founders and the past president of College Republicans, has had

Eight questions about Bill Nye’s visit to campus


  What you need to know before the most popular scientist in the United States arrives By Caleb Diehl /// Editor-In-Chief Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill…For a day, college will turn into third-grade science class. That’s because Bill Nye the Science Guy is coming to campus on October 25. Bill Nye is coming, said