Kendall Arlasky

Students turn their unusual skills into cash


By Kendall Arlasky A variety of traditional on-campus jobs are offered to students at Lewis & Clark. Students can work in the Bon, build sets for theater productions or act as a tour guide for prospective students. However, there are other, less traditional ways to make money on campus, and some students have chosen to

LC International Fair draws attention to divisive contemporary U.S. political climate


By Kendall Arlasky In reflection of the political controversy that surrounded the 2016 election and Donald Trump’s first year as president (especially in terms of the border wall), Lewis & Clark’s 53rd annual International Fair was titled “Beyond the Wall: Breaking Down Cultural Stereotypes.” According to Nhi Ho ’20 this year marks the first time

Copeland ranks as one of the most controversial dormitories


By Kendall Arlasky Choosing your housing situation is kind of like going on a Tinder date: you really only decide where you want to live based on pictures and a vague profile. Sometimes it is love at first sight and sometimes it’s a flop. But unlike Tinder you can not say sayonara to the dorm

LC students describe the attraction of going to UC schools


By Kendall Arlasky The students at Lewis & Clark College represent 48 of the 50 U.S. states. With 38.09 percent of LC students coming from the Golden State, it is not surprising that the school’s admissions might be impacted by the acceptance rate of the California university system. There seems to be a correlation between the

Smitten with mittens: Winter wardrobe guide


By Kendall Arlasky This may come as a shock to some of you native Oregonians and Californians, but Portland is not that cold. It’s really not — I promise. I grew up in the Midwest, specifically Chicago, and when winter arrives back home it’s like a sixth ice age has begun. It’s so cold that we

Campus traditions: Rites of passage and rivalries at L&C


By Kendall Arlasky An intricate cheer, an annual event, an absurd competition — every college has its traditions, and Lewis & Clark is no different. But no matter what the tradition, it ultimately is a reflection of what life is like on campus. In the spirit of sports, LC currently has a wagon wheel which has

The untold story of the York statue


By Kendall Arlasky If  you’ve ever walked the crowded path that surrounds the Glade, you may have noticed a statue of a tall black man. This statue is of William Clark’s slave, York, who was a part of the Corp of Discovery’s expedition West. While most Lewis & Clark College students can tell you the

The ups and downs of long distance relationships


By Kendall Arlasky A popular saying among the heartbroken is “if you love something let it go, if it doesn’t come back it was never yours in the first place.” It’s a justification for sure, a commentary on the idea that fate will reunite lovers if it was meant to be. Some people use this

The Mystery of the Watzek Chess Game


By Kendall Arlasky The Watzek Library is home to many treasures. The ornate native wall etchings,  the enchanting examples of student art and that strange wooden couch that no one seems to sit on. Despite all of these rather obvious gems, I’ve found that it’s the hidden things that make Watzek such a lovely place