Hoffman Gallery

The Hoffman Gallery Unveils Dante Exhibition


When I went to see “Dante’s Divine Comedy and Other Works” by Sandow Birk earlier this semester, I figured I knew what I was in for. After taking Art History Professor Ben David’s course on the subject my sophomore year, I was pretty familiar with how Birk had reimagined Dante’s epic through a series of

Major Shifts to Hoffman Gallery Announced


Much to the surprise of returning students and faculty members, long-time staff member Linda Tesner has been laid off and will no longer serve as Director of Lewis & Clark College’s Hoffman Gallery. For the past 20 years, Tesner has been responsible for scheduling, coordinating and curating shows by student, faculty and professional artists. In

Hoffman Gallery exhibit explores grieving process after loss of parents


By Celeste Kurnik This fall, the Hoffman Gallery is showing “Loss of Material Evidence,” a collection created by partners in life and in artistry, Maria T. D. Inocencio and Mark R. Smith. In the wake of their parents’ passing this collection captures perfectly the paradoxical journey of losing a loved one. Caught between the affliction

Lost in the “Fun House”: Bill Will’s Hoffman Gallery exhibit


By Chester Brogan When asked about what was motivating Bill Will while designing and producing the current exhibit at the Hoffman Gallery, curator Linda Tesner said: “He says he uses humor as a Trojan horse, to capture the viewer’s attention. Then, there is always some social or political message underneath the humor.” The exhibit includes

Hoffman show “Open This End” blends new and old


TO WALK INTO THE Hoffman Gallery’s latest exhibit, “Open This End,” is to find oneself at a strange cocktail party, featuring almost exclusively the most significant names in post-modern and contemporary art. The exhibit, which will be on display through Dec 11, is comprised from the personal collection of Blake Byrne. When visiting a personal

Blake Stimson’s Allan Sekula and Paul Strand lecture


By Julia Stevens /// Staff Writer On the evening of Feb. 24, students, faculty and visitors made their way to Miller 105 to attend a lecture delivered by internationally recognized professor, author, contemporary art specialist, critical theorist and historian of photography Blake Stimson. In his talk, Stimson compared the work of Allan Sekula, the current visiting