Harrison Smith

Ariel Pink’s new LP finds him sentimental, as gross as ever


Somehow, Ariel Pink is always getting compared to the late (and not so great) Frank Zappa. As one may or may not know, Zappa built his long-running career on avant-garde ditties, fart-noise symphonies and general indulgences into the realms of bathroom-humor comedy. While Pink is no stranger to kitsch, his similarities with Zappa begin and

Parquet Courts comes to PDX


By Harrison Smith /// Staff Writer “You seem like such an advanced civilization, Portland, and yet you still have this ‘moat.’ I mean, you’ve had curbside composting for like 15 years… But I guess everyone has to screw up sometimes.” The “moat” that Parquet Courts’ frontman Andrew Savage was berating was a divider segregating the

“Sun Coming Down,” punk rock from Montreal shines


By HARRISON SMITH OUGHT MUST BE night owls. These young, Canadian postpunkers hail from Montreal, the very same bubbling musical hub that has produced The Unicorns, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Chromeo, and most notably, Arcade Fire. Despite these looming representations of what the city is supposed to sound like, Ought manage to sound nothing like