General education

New Gen Ed plan underway


By Gelsey Plaza The General Education Steering Committee (GEST) is continuing the process for the transition to the new General Education (GE) requirements and its implementation. GEST is planning to submit the final course schedules by Oct. 2019, and then the newly revamped GE system will go into effect for students coming in Fall 2020.

New General Education model should rework science


By Caitlin Chappell The Liberal Arts education: a shining symbol of interdisciplinary learning and personal growth. That is how colleges like Lewis & Clark sell themselves. It is one of the main draws for many students like myself. We all know that part of the liberal arts education experience is having to take general education

Multiple new general education models proposed, debated


By Ariel McGee Recent talk of updating the general education requirements at Lewis & Clark, has led to the formation of multiple models being proposed by faculty. These proposals would update the core class requirement and the distribution of classes that all undergraduate LC students are required to take. The General Education Super Team (GEST),

Lewis & Clark College of Arts & Sciences to select model for general education


The Subcommittee of General Education shares its initiative for general education reform   Earlier this month we learned that the start of spring would be delayed another six weeks because a certain creature saw its shadow on Gobbler’s Knob on Feb. 2. Groundhog Day also marked an anniversary of sorts for Lewis & Clark, for

GenEd committee reconsiders core classes for future students


THE LEWIS & CLARK Curriculum Committee is proactively working on reforming the General Education (GenEd) curriculum. The GenEd committee, a smaller subcommittee discussing these issues (SoGE), is stepping outside the box and contemplating what they want LC students to experience and learn during their time at LC. The GenEd classes at LC are the courses that

General education reading requirements need a change


By Brad Davis During a recent weekend lecture, I recall a discussion of creating an education system more accessible for marginalized students. One participant asked, “You do know what our modern education system was founded upon?” Not sensing the question’s rhetorical tone, I offered up Plato’s Republic. Nonetheless, this proved to be the correct answer:

LC group rethinks GenEd


By Gelsey Plaza /// Staff Writer For the past several years, the Lewis & Clark Curriculum Committee has been working on several plans to try to implement changes to the general education (GenEd) requirements.  However, the changes were never carried out.  At LC, GenEd currently includes Exploration and Discovery (E&D) and the distribution requirements, which