Faculty members draw near to finalizing Gen Ed requirements


By Audrey Barrett The lengthy process of reconfiguring the General Education requirements at Lewis & Clark is drawing to a close. Faculty members met on April 17 to discuss the final curriculum proposals, which involve options for both future Core and distribution requirements. The goal is to make LC’s curriculum more reflective of its identity

New General Education model should rework science


By Caitlin Chappell The Liberal Arts education: a shining symbol of interdisciplinary learning and personal growth. That is how colleges like Lewis & Clark sell themselves. It is one of the main draws for many students like myself. We all know that part of the liberal arts education experience is having to take general education

General education committee makes strides towards decision on new class requirements


By Gelsey Plaza After a long deliberating process, The General Education Super Team (GEST) is making strides towards finalizing new general education (GE) requirements. In the two weeks leading up to spring break, GEST sent out a survey to faculty and students. The survey had 98 faculty respondents and 445 student respondents. When asked what model

Lewis & Clark College of Arts & Sciences to select model for general education


The Subcommittee of General Education shares its initiative for general education reform   Earlier this month we learned that the start of spring would be delayed another six weeks because a certain creature saw its shadow on Gobbler’s Knob on Feb. 2. Groundhog Day also marked an anniversary of sorts for Lewis & Clark, for

GenEd committee reconsiders core classes for future students


THE LEWIS & CLARK Curriculum Committee is proactively working on reforming the General Education (GenEd) curriculum. The GenEd committee, a smaller subcommittee discussing these issues (SoGE), is stepping outside the box and contemplating what they want LC students to experience and learn during their time at LC. The GenEd classes at LC are the courses that