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“Blue: A kaleidoscope” screened at Alumni Film Festival

The main character from the film depicted in an illustration.

Warning: This article discusses sexual assault.  The short film “Blue: A kaleidoscope,” created by Daniyal Afzal ’13, opens up with a black screen. The disembodied voices of Pakistani women echo: “This is what happens when you let your daughters play outside wherever they want.”  “What an insolent, she’s disgraced the whole neighborhood.”  “Shame on her.” 

LC alum Brian Lindstrom talks making movies, community and changing identity


Brian Lindstrom, a Portland native, Lewis & Clark graduate, and prominent cinéma vérité filmmaker recently returned to his old campus for a screening of his work, “Finding Normal,” a film exploring drug use and rehabilitation in the Portland area. The Pioneer Log interviewed him, along with friend and significant figure in the movie, David Fitzgerald,