Affordable Aesthetic


By Mackenzie Bath Whether it is our intention or not, what we wear makes a statement. It says something about who we are, where we’re from, and where we’re going. This summer outfit is perfect for those refusing to believe that the sunshine will end. Sunglasses ($30) will only be appropriate for a couple more

Shade and Mila’s bi-monthly style reality check


  As girls from Los Angeles, our opinions about rainwear are newly developed, but extremely strong. It’s that special time of the year again when we get to see poorly chosen and ill-fitting coats, muddy rain boots and matted hair around campus. To avoid judgement from yours truly, we highly recommend that you read this

Election Fashion 2k16


Looking into the politics of this election’s much-discussed fashion   Over the summer, Hillary Clinton wore a Giorgio Armani jacket while giving a speech in April. The internet quickly responded, claiming that the jacket retailed for around $12,000, and was worn during a speech about income inequality. The New York Post can be credited with

Store Spotlight: Table of Contents


Exploring Portland’s Best Style Outlets By Jesse Merchant /// Style Editor   Walking into Table of Contents, a Portland retailer nestled by the Chinatown gate, I immediately feel my mind clear. All around me are magazines and books, stacked neatly on the floor and on shelves. There are clothes hung perfectly equidistant on freestanding clothing racks.

LC Style: Ian Rex


      Rex (’17) pulls from minimalism, Portland streets, thrift stores, and advice from his mom to inspire and fill his wardrobe. By Demi Glidden /// LC Style Editor Rex is a biology major and dancer here at LC. He has subtle, but crisp style that pulls from all different sources of inspiration. Below, you’ll

LC Style: Fall is here


This week LC Style is focusing in on one student who is ready for the change in weather. By Demi Glidden /// LC Style Editor Terra D’Antonio-Dudley (’15) is a self-described non-summery person and takes her aesthetic inspiration from fireplaces, rainy days, and fuzzy blankets. Though she’s from Santa Barbara, CA, she’s the perfect person