Affordable Aesthetic

September 22, 2017 Mackenzie Bath 0

By Mackenzie Bath Whether it is our intention or not, what we wear makes a statement. It says something about who we are, where we’re from, and

Election Fashion 2k16

October 28, 2016 Emma Grillo 0

Looking into the politics of this election’s much-discussed fashion   Over the summer, Hillary Clinton wore a Giorgio Armani jacket while giving a speech in April. The

Store Spotlight: Table of Contents

February 1, 2015 The Log 0

Exploring Portland’s Best Style Outlets By Jesse Merchant /// Style Editor   Walking into Table of Contents, a Portland retailer nestled by the Chinatown gate, I immediately feel

LC Style: Ian Rex

October 21, 2014 The Log 0

      Rex (’17) pulls from minimalism, Portland streets, thrift stores, and advice from his mom to inspire and fill his wardrobe. By Demi Glidden /// LC

LC Style: Fall is here

September 30, 2014 The Log 0

This week LC Style is focusing in on one student who is ready for the change in weather. By Demi Glidden /// LC Style Editor Terra D’Antonio-Dudley