Elections Special

Elections Special: Bernie Sanders


By Zane Dundon /// Staff Writer Bernie Sanders is not just the most progressive and most honest presidential candidate of 2016. He’s one of the most progressive and honest presidential candidates in recent American history. I support Bernie Sanders because he is not afraid to point a finger at the most pressing injustices of our

Elections Special: Hillary Clinton


By Sam Perszyk /// Staff Writer As election time inches closer, and Mr. Trump brings  a mixture of comedy and fear to most students at this school, the debate rages on over which presidential candidate is best suited to run this ever-fashionable country. Now, with Trump, Sanders, and Clinton as the clear front-runners, let’s assume

Elections Special: Marco Rubio


By Brad Davis /// Business Manager As one of the few vocal conservatives on this campus, students constantly stop me in the Bon, Maggie’s, or Watzek to ask whom I’m supporting for president. To set the record straight, my  vote is for Marco Rubio.       Throughout this election cycle, supporting the Republican party