Connor Laubenstein

A spike for the past and towards the future


Kat Milan and Alexe Navarro shine together on a young volleyball team By Connor Laubenstein /// Staff Writer The Lewis & Clark women’s volleyball team wrapped up its season this past weekend, with two tough losses to conference teams Whitman College and Whitworth College. Both of the matches were 3-0 sweeps against the Pioneers. With

Disappointing draw for Soccer


By Connor Laubenstein /// Staff Writer For 89 minutes, they dominated. On a cold and gray Saturday morning the Lewis & Clark women’s soccer team took the pitch against conference foe Whitman College. The two squads would eventually battle for 110 minutes without either claiming victory. After a gruelling first half of play, the Pioneers

Ball like a Mogul: Intramural basketball is no joke


By Connor Laubenstein /// Staff writer On Thursday, Oct. 23, the Intramural Basketball Championship game took place in Pamplin Sports Center. The two teams, Backcourt Penetration and Moguls, confronted each other in an on-court duel. With a final score of 68-55, Moguls stole the show in the second half to win the title. Both teams were

Men’s basketball gets the gears going


By Connor Laubenstein /// Staff Writer Head coach Dinari Foreman and the Pioneers men’s basketball team officially began their campaign on Oct. 15. With their first week of practice underway, the squad looks to improve on a successful 2013-14 season with a strong start this year. Setting a final record of 17-9, last year the

Ange invigorates athletics with new workouts, spaces


By Connor Laubenstein /// Staff Writer Strength and conditioning coach Angela Dendas was excited to see the summer come to an end and welcome a wave of student-athletes flood into the weight room. This summer Dendas headed a large renovation of the Lewis & Clark weightroom. The weight room now features renovated floors, as well