Caitlin Chappell

New General Education model should rework science


By Caitlin Chappell The Liberal Arts education: a shining symbol of interdisciplinary learning and personal growth. That is how colleges like Lewis & Clark sell themselves. It is one of the main draws for many students like myself. We all know that part of the liberal arts education experience is having to take general education

Comic book creators celebrate publishing boom


By Caitlin Chappell If you come from a small town, you usually only have one comic book store in your county whose stock expands beyond superheroes. There is nothing wrong with those comics, but the medium is made up of so much more. There are underground artists telling innovative stories, graphic novels tackling historical events

Anon(ymous) actors examine meaning of home


By Caitlin Chappell Greek legends are often reimagined to fit new audiences. From the Amazons in Patty Jenkins’ “Wonder Woman,” to the retelling of “Lysistrata” in Spike Lee’s “Chiraq,” artists turn to these legends to create contemporary work. Naomi Iizuka’s play “Anon(ymous)” is one of these reimaginations brought to Lewis & Clark College for the

Genre films find recognition at The Oscars


By Caitlin Chappell An industrialist is held hostage by terrorists and forced to make a weapon of mass destruction, but he escapes and rights the wrongs of his company. A foreign woman leads a military squad to end chemical warfare in WWI Germany. Two retired professors help Mexican children cross the border and avoid persecution

Female voices shine through in the theatre thesis festival


By Caitlin Chappell Every year, the theatre department puts on a festival to showcase the work of seniors. From April 18 to 21, the festival will feature five female performance majors’ work. Their performances differ but the content is all connected. Each piece tackles issues of identity, confronts societal norms and focuses on historically silenced

CC neglects arts and humanities students


By Caitlin Chappell “I am an English major, and no, I do not want to be a teacher,” one senior said. She went to the Career Center for help, like many other seniors, and found little because she wanted to pursue a creative job. This is the case for many other seniors looking to pursue