Brad Davis

Intellectual ’zines for busy LC teens


By Brad Davis Student life is spent bombarded by information from all fronts – classes, social media and everyone around us – with little means to process it all. While it would be nice to spend more time buried in books, the luxury is hard to justify with a busy schedule. Magazines offer a promising

General education reading requirements need a change


By Brad Davis During a recent weekend lecture, I recall a discussion of creating an education system more accessible for marginalized students. One participant asked, “You do know what our modern education system was founded upon?” Not sensing the question’s rhetorical tone, I offered up Plato’s Republic. Nonetheless, this proved to be the correct answer:

The People’s Logic


By Bradley Davis /// Business Manager We all love demagogues. For years, the Rush Limbaughs and Rachel Maddows of the world have been rightfully criticized for their demagoguery. The entertainment value of such talk show hosts depends solely on their tribalism. The majority of viewers comprise an in-group, an audience with homogenous values and beliefs,

Elections Special: Marco Rubio


By Brad Davis /// Business Manager As one of the few vocal conservatives on this campus, students constantly stop me in the Bon, Maggie’s, or Watzek to ask whom I’m supporting for president. To set the record straight, my  vote is for Marco Rubio.       Throughout this election cycle, supporting the Republican party