black lives matter

PAM exhibit examines Black representation


The museum and art industries have suffered severe losses due to the effects of the ongoing pandemic. However, certain institutions, including the Portland Art Museum (PAM), have reopened their doors with cautionary measures in effect, such as requiring visitors to wear face coverings and enacting social distancing policies. PAM, specifically, not only offers in-person tours

Karen upset with rubber bullets, opts for recyclables

Illustration of a white woman pointing her finger while holding a dog.

The current protests have stirred up debate and have pushed society to reflect. In Portland, specifically, the use of force against protesters has brought up concerns regarding the safety and sustainability of such actions.  Karen White, micromanager of an essential oil business and parental helicopter pilot, reached out to us for an interview, threatening to

Public art thrives on boarded-up storefronts

A mural of Breonna Taylor in between the words "No Justice No Peace."

Despite the relatively quiet summer on campus following Lewis & Clark’s closure in March, downtown Portland has been thriving with activity. Local artists have transformed boarded-up storefronts into incredible murals, with many of them drawing attention to the Black Lives Matter movement.  In March, many stores decided to erect plywood barriers in front of their

LC faculty injured in the fight for social justice

Photograph of the words "Can We Fight Back?" spray painted in black on a beige wall.

This summer, as Portland saw a boom in social justice activism in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, Lewis & Clark Associate Professor of History and Department Chair Maureen “Mo” Healy took to the streets along with thousands of other Portland residents.  According to Healy, protesting had not been a large part of

Protests against racial injustice erupt across pro sports


As Portlanders and Lewis & Clark students, it is fair to say that we are all trying to figure out where we fit into the racial and social justice movement that is sweeping the nation. Many of us feel that the best way to contribute to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is to recognize

Portland’s Resistance leader Gregory McKelvey on activism in the Trump era


In the wake of  the Trump election, Portland’s Resistance aims to connect the new anti-Trump movement with those who have already been working towards social justice. Beginning as a Facebook page created by Lewis & Clark Law student Gregory McKelvey two days after the election, Portland’s Resistance (now with upwards of 20,600 likes) was borne

Campus activism ignites awareness


By ALLIE MCRAITH, JOHN ROGERS, and MEGHAN ZEA Seventeen days have passed since a series of racist and threatening messages were posted near or on Lewis & Clark College campus through the social media platform Yik Yak. The posts, originally published on Tuesday, Nov.17, ignited outrage within the LC community, resulting in an all-day protest

Racist Yik Yak prompts on-campus rally


By KATIE KELLY Today, Nov. 17, at 2:30 p.m., a series of racist Yik Yak posts were shared with the Lewis & Clark community. These messages, which were subsequently taken off of Yik Yak, can be seen at the right of this article. Yik Yak is a mobile app that allows users to post comments

College newspaper publishes controversial opinion, provokes free speech debate


Wesleyan University’s newspaper funding slashed unjustly; student publications have the duty to publish opinions from their readership, regardless of their potentially controversial nature By BRADY ANTONELLI Part of the liberal arts tradition, or really any college’s goal, is expanding and challenging the beliefs of the student population, a goal which is exemplified by the Opinions

Following Ferguson Grand Jury decision, students organize on-campus protests


By John Rogers and Guadalupe Triana /// News Editor and Managing Editor Tuesday, Nov. 25 As anger, disappointment and shock spread across the country following the news that Officer Darren Wilson will not be indicted for fatally shooting Michael Brown Jr., Lewis & Clark students this morning gathered outside J.R. Howard and draped Frank Manor