Althea Billings

Childhood criticisms should not cap creativity


By Althea Billings I am not an “artist.” I think many of us hesitate to claim the term. I am not a studio art major or someone who sells their art. But I do art anyway. So many of us have been shamed away from creative pursuits, perhaps under the idea that unless it is

Terrible roommate yawns wrong


*The Backdoor is a “work” of “fiction” and “satire.” By Althea Billings Campus Safety was called Saturday evening to respond to an incident occurring in the second floor of Howard. At approximately 8:40 p.m., a loud crash could be heard down the hall. The RA on duty responded to the disturbance. “When I opened the

CAS Dean Catherine Kodat recounts her time in the newsroom of the 1980s


By Althea Billings///Features Editor “ I remember once driving into a hurricane on the Eastern shore. It was predicted that there was going to be this amazing storm and they wanted direct coverage of it, so I had to get up before dawn and get in my car and drive in, which was kind of

Campus is abuzz over its newest residents: Orchard Mason Bees


By Althea Billings /// Features Editor Campus is buzzing with activity.  In mid February, local beekeeper and neighborhood partner Josh Hinerfield installed several bee “condos” around campus. This action was coordinated by Amy Dvorak, Senior Director of Sustainability and Communications for Lewis & Clark College. The species inhabiting the condos is Orchard Mason bees (Osmia

Africans for Peace visit campus to share message


South African university students Klaas Manilo and Jamie Mighti tour the U.S. to discuss conflict and resolution By ALTHEA BILLINGS///Features Editor The founders of the burgeoning movement Africans for Peace visited campus on March 31 in hopes of facilitating conversation about peace at a campus level. Jamie Mighti and Klaas Masilo created the organization to formalize

Gender Studies Symposium Panel presents flaws in education about sex and gender


By Althea Billings /// Features Editor How We Learn About Sex and Gender, Thursday’s Gender Studies Symposium panel moderated by Jenny Bornstein offered three presentations and an open discussion about the shortcomings of education about sex and gender in the modern era. The first presentation was given by Katie Steen, a senior gender studies major

A day in the life: A RA-flection on duty


A brief look into what it’s like to be one of the pillars of the Lewis & Clark community By ALTHEA BILLINGS In the three years as a Resident Advisor (RA), Nick Laycox ’16 reflected positively on his work as an RA. “I’ve worked in SOA, Holes/Hartzfeld in the apartments over the summer and in

PSI instills cynicism early in new students’ college careers


Seminar course for first-years problematic at best By ALTHEA BILLINGS THE PIONEER Success Institute (PSI) is a six week long seminar course required for all first year students to complete in order to register for the spring semester. PSI is intended to edu­cate students on a variety of topics, including wellness, identity and sexual conduct.

Leading others to dream on campus and off


First-Year L&C student Alexander Muto aspires to help others become leaders in their own communities By ALTHEA BILLINGS WHILE MANY first-years enter college expecting accomplishment and success, Hawaii native, Alexander Muto, already holds a few notches in his belt. He’s the CEO of his own non-profit, a contributing author in a bestselling book on Amazon,

Recent Emmy’s remind us what proper casting can do for TV

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

By ALTHEA BILLINGS One of the headlines after this year’s Emmy celebration was “most diverse Emmy’s ever”, a fact especially noticeable after the 2015 Academy Awards in which not a single person of color was nominated. Emmy host Andy Samberg stated, “This is the most diverse Emmy’s ever. Racism is over, don’t fact check me