Malcolm Parisi-Marcoux

Pent up students reveal new hot, steamy studying strategy


With the end of the spring semester quickly approaching, a thick barrier stands between students and the downtime they so rightly deserve: finals. Thanks to the combined efforts of nearly the entire student body, the impenetrable wall has had a few more holes poked through it. What is the weapon with which the student body

In-house bookstore exudes personal feel


Finding a used bookstore in Portland is like finding a needle in a needle stack: There is no shortage of places to buy obscure sci-fi short stories from the 1940s, feminist handbooks from the ’60s or even textbooks for 99.99% off. “Crooked House Books and Paper,” in particular offers a unique experience in that the

Palatine Hill debuts new name; sparks space-based controversy


As many Lewis & Clark students know, the school has long been the center of the Star Wars fandom, a sort of sci-fi mecca to which all fans must journey to at least once in their lifetimes.  In the past couple of years, Disney has seen great success with their Star Wars projects, and there