Casper James Pierce

Campus housing does not meet students’ needs


When it comes to something as personal as the space in which one lives, we all have different needs. While the typical college dorm lifestyle is detrimental to me and many others, it  can also be enriching, especially for new students who need to familiarize themselves with their surroundings and community. The very nature of

Indigenous creator’s experimental film screened at festival


THE DRIVE on Highway 26 from Portland to the Oregon coast is fairly short and mindless to those familiar with the area. Woodrow Hunt’s ten-minute short film, “Faces, Displays, and Other Imaginary Things” offers a new perspective on this route and highways like it, reaching into the complicated past of Indigenous labor and remembering it

Record-breaking first-year class makes waves in sports teams


Historically, Lewis & Clark has always hosted  a small student body. However, with the arrival of this year’s “Classzilla”, of over 700 first-years are young student athletes itching to stretch their muscles after quarantine. According to Mark Pietrok, LC’s director of physical education and athletics, this is the largest class of student athletes the department

STUCK! kicks off theatre performance season


Content warning: This article discusses sexual assault and reproductive trauma. Thespians and theater buffs rejoice, for Lewis & Clark’s theatre program is back in full swing for the 2021-22 school year. “STUCK!,” this year’s annual one-act festival, kicked off the season with three plays: “Sasha & Carlyle Make a TikTok” by LC student Niels Truman

Bookwarming presents professor’s new book


Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies Magalí Rabasa’s new book, “The Book in Movement: Autonomous Politics and the Lettered City Underground” was featured in a bookwarming hosted by Assistant Professor of English Jerry Harp. The book investigates the world of political underground publishing in Latin America. The bookwarming is an event designed to introduce a book

Book clubs offer informal spaces to discuss literature outside class


My mother meets once a month with a handful of friends and co-workers to drink wine, eat snacks and crack jokes about the book they read in the past month. When I was younger, my sister and I rolled our eyes at how excited she was about her book club and how often throughout the

All coop-ed up: student co-op offers recreational space


The Co-Op, affectionately called “the Coop,” currently functions as a student-run coffee shop and performance venue, as well as a space for student art display and the occasional club meeting. The Coop has soft couches in which to lounge and do homework, art all around and a new “Missed Connections” board, where students can post

Which desk are you according to your horoscope


Sagittarius (Nov. 23-Dec. 22) Sag, I have never understood you. Some parts of Copeland have corner desks of a sickening blue-gray built into the wall, and I do not understand those either. Capricorn (Dec. 23-Jan. 20) You are repressed and quiet. Watzek silent section tables for you, Cap. Hide behind the periodicals so no one

Tryon Creek State Natural Area: the hidden gem adjacent to the campus


One does not need to go far for an adventure at Lewis & Clark; Tryon Creek State Natural Area is just around the corner. Though the word “hiking” implies some glorious, long trek through the wilderness, it does not have to be that intense. Tryon Creek is perfect for student hikers looking to be surrounded

Freshmen revolt after PSI class on time management


Member of one Tuesday Pioneer Success Institute class, a six-week course designed to familiarize new students with the resources offered at LC and build life skills, were distraught to learn that their ordinary, concise and not-at-all-awkward hour-and-a-half class had been extended to three hours, in order to focus on what the Lewis & Clark administration

Ripe for the picking: a foraging guide to LC


If, like me, you enjoy taking walks around campus, you will notice berries, fruit trees, mushrooms and general foraging potential. Foraging on campus has its downsides and dangers: many plants are consciously planted and decorative. However, you can still fulfill some forest-dwelling fantasies. Here are a few major plants that, if you can identify them,