Amelia Eichel

Mia started contributing to The Pioneer Log during her freshman year and became a news editor in the fall semester of her junior year. Upon returning from her study abroad program in Morocco, she became Head of Broadcasting and started The PioPod. Now, as Managing Editor, she is dedicated to implementing bottom-up journalism and multimedia coverage at The Piolog.

Mia is a religious studies major and is writing her thesis on quantum ontology. She is pursuing storytelling and entrepreneurship after she graduates in May.

Lewis & Clark students leave Morocco after days in limbo


The Lewis & Clark Overseas and Off-Campus Programs office formally canceled the Morocco study abroad program on Friday, March 13 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Seven of the participants were able to fly home over the weekend, but 12 students and Assistant Professor in Political Science Leah Gilbert were trapped in the country when

Morocco suspends all travel, trapping 13 Lewis & Clark students


The Lewis & Clark Overseas and Off-Campus Programs office formally canceled the Morocco study abroad program on Friday, March 13 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Six of the participants were able to fly home, but 13 students and the program leader, Assistant Professor in Political Science Leah Gilbert, might be trapped in the country

Data and technology: a major in the works


In 2012, columnists in the Harvard Business Review deemed “data scientist” the sexiest job of the 21st century. The columnists claim that “the shortage of data scientists is becoming a serious constraint in some sectors.” Over 50% of Lewis & Clark’s peer schools have added data science programs in the past few years. LC has

Student Life supports nightlife on campus


The department of Student Activities held the semesterly meeting for recognized student organizations on Feb. 12.  Director of the Career Center Rocky Campbell and Director of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement (IME) Angela Gintz relayed the relevant findings from last semester’s student engagement surveys and focus groups to the students in attendance. They also announced a

Student workers must take on greater roles within the department of Student Activities


Two developments have occurred within the department of Student Activities. The former Director of Student Activities Jason Feiner, has transitioned out of the position, and the Student Media Board’s (SMB) budget was cut by over $10,000.  Over winter break, students who work for the department of Student Activities were made aware via an email from

Animal Collective petitions for Meatless Mondays at Bon


Lewis & Clark’s Animal Collective has been circulating a petition via asking Bon Appétit to have Meatless Mondays in the dining halls on campus. The petition asks LC’s dining services, catered and managed by Bon Appétit, to join the 158 other schools globally that do not serve meat on Mondays, such as Emory University,

New partnership between Lewis & Clark College and Green Empowerment


A recent partnership between Lewis & Clark and a non-governmental organization (NGO) in downtown Portland called Green Empowerment has opened up many exciting opportunities for LC students interested in sustainability.  Economics major Ary Hashim ’20 sits on the associate board for Green Empowerment, which enabled him to foster the partnership with the help of LC’s

Watzek Library hosts new Bauhaus exhibition


Herbert Bayer, one of the most influential students and teachers of an early 20th century art school called the Staatliches Bauhaus, once said, “we write everything in lowercase because it saves time. why two alphabets, when just one achieves the same thing? why write in capitals when we can’t speak in capitals?” This quote demonstrates

LC football quarterback Noah Riley writes strategy book


Noah Riley ’20 is a football guy to the core. Not only is he a quarterback for Lewis & Clark, but he has turned his knowledge of football into a successful business. This summer, Riley published a book titled “Breaking Down the 2018 Oklahoma Offense” that has sold over 1,000 copies and made him over

Faith, science and uncertainty in an academic world


The Veritas Forum “Spiderwebs, Symmetry, and Spirituality” was a unique opportunity to listen to two accomplished professors, Lewis & Clark Professor of Biology Greta Binford and Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of San Diego Satyan Devadoss, discuss how they reconcile religion and science. The talk was hosted in the Council Chamber

Dance X returns with four student-led performances


The annual student choreographed Dance Extravaganza (Dance X) is opening in Fir Acres Theatre Main Stage on Friday, Dec. 7. This year’s show features four pieces choreographed by three students and one visiting choreographer. Dance X began in 1996 as an experimental not-for-credit theatrical dance performance in the Black Box. Dance Program Lead, Susan E.

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