Swimmers reflect on Pio award

Every week, Lewis & Clark Athletics names two athletes the Pios of the Week. This award is granted for athletic achievement. I had the opportunity to speak with the previous week’s spotlighted student athletes — swimmers Kate Milne ’24 and Ian Holmberg ’25.

Milne has been a swimmer for most of their life, and spoke on the strangeness of this being their last season. 

“It feels a bit crazy that my swim career is almost over.” Milne said, “I’ve been swimming since I was in second or third grade.”

Reflecting further on what has made their experience at LC so special, Milne emphasized the team dynamics as a key part of their enjoyment of swimming. 

“The team environment is super welcoming,” Milne said. “And I’ve made a lot of great friends over the years.”

They also emphasized how swimming at LC has revitalized their love of swimming. “In high school, like clubs, swimming was super, super intense.” Milne said. “The coaches [at LC] have been so understanding … and that has like really brought back my love for the sport.”

Holmberg also reflected on his experience on the swim team. He emphasized the connection he feels within the current junior class. 

“All the connections I’ve made at this school have been through sports, more specifically swimming, and my best friends are on the team,” Holmberg said. “I really think it’s a nice sense of community. I think we’re all there to support each other.”

Holberg additionally spoke about the then-upcoming conference meet, explaining his role on the team swimming backstroke and freestyle. He emphasized the timing of his events. 

“It’s the last race of the weekend for me, so I’m going to give every single thing I have,” Holmberg said.

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