KPH Radio show “Did You Hear That?” fosters strong friendship, conversations, special guests

Courtesy of Kit Graf

The KPH radio show “Did You Hear That?” starring Kit Graf ’24 and Kate Milne ’24 airs on Sundays from 7 to 8 p.m. Formerly “Wholesome Radio Hour,” the show has taken on more of a relaxed turn since the duo started working together their freshman year. 

During their one-hour slot, Graf and Milne can often be heard discussing their own lives while freely jamming out to eclectic tunes. 

For anyone that has ever witnessed the two in action, their chemistry is undeniable. Although they maintain a “professional working relationship” according to Milne, listening to their chatter is like listening to a pair of siblings, or an old married couple that actually gets along. There is a palpable energy and sense of excitement that comes just from hearing their normal conversation.

Graf and Milne first met over Z0oom as first-years in a Spanish class. The pair immediately hit it off after Milne joked about Graf’s decision to wear a beanie and turtleneck. Later, as Graf described wanting to do a radio show, Milne quickly invited herself on to the program. Graf was delighted.

“I didn’t even ask,” Graf said. “It was kind of wonderful.”

Since then, the show has had a quality run as a dual podcast and radio experience. Graf and Milne have brought a high level of comfortability as hosts, which has only grown as they have increased their familiarity with the format.  

“I think the biggest change for us is that last year we were pretty stressed about making sure everything ran smoothly because neither of us had ever done something like that,” Milne said. “As we went and got more comfortable in figuring out the layout of our show … it’s become much more relaxed.”

Last year, the two often shared a wholesome event from their week with their listeners or had people post their own on the Mixlr website, where KPH shows are streamed for online listening. These days, they share a humbling moment from their weekends in order to “stay grounded” and connect to their audience.

Despite not seeing each other much in their personal lives, which many would not expect, their on-air dynamic suggests otherwise.   

“We don’t really hang out during the week,” Milne said. “That means that during our one hour a week we have so much to talk about, so our show at this point is probably half music, half just talking. It (has) more of a podcast kind of feel.” 

The music they play occasionally follows a pattern (Graf said they exclusively played instrumental and funk the last time they were on the air), but is oftentimes fairly diverse. They have a giant playlist that spans a variety of genres, as well as a spreadsheet for songs they have already played, so they never repeat. Although the selection tends to happen on the fly, the duo only adds music to the playlist that they have a personal connection to.  

“I remember I played ‘cookie chips’ by Reggie Snow, and I said, ‘This is my toothbrushing song!’” Graf said.

Their favorite moment in the show’s history was, to say the least, unexpected. On one occasion, Milne was talking about a boy she knew from high school, who would always leave thoughtful, humorous comments on her social media posts. Intrigued by the attention, he eventually ended up calling in as a surprise guest caller.  

“I think I sent him the link to the show, and then we were talking about him on air, like ‘Oh I hope Alonso listens, I wonder how he’s doing,’” Milne said. “Some of my friends from high school were listening and they were typing in the chat and they were like, ‘Oh, what if Alonso joins?’ And then he joined!”

Alonso ended up coming multiple times to liven up the program. According to Graf and Milne, he holds a special place in the show’s heart. 

Beyond broadening their music tastes and allowing them to connect with students, both Graf and Milne agree that the best part of “Did You Hear That?” has been the strengthening of their friendship.  

“Honestly, I just think of our radio hour as literally fun hangout time,” Graf said. “It doesn’t feel like work at all. It’s such a nice end to the weekend.”

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