Frisbee players talk fashion rules to follow

Photograph by Venus Edlin

Unlike other sports, Ultimate Frisbee only has a few rules for how the players dress on the field. According to USA Ultimate, “Players may wear any soft clothing that does not endanger the safety of other players or provide an unfair advantage,” and “each player must wear a uniform or other clothing distinguishing that player from players on the other team.”

Ultimately, this means that players enjoy lots of freedom regarding the clothes they are allowed to wear while they compete. Both on and off the field, Julia Scott ’25 and Jens Martin ’22 are considered by their captains to be very fashionable players. 

Growing up in Minnesota, Scott played soccer and alpine skied competitively. Since the beginning of the school year, she has been playing for the Lewis & Clark Artemis and Bacchus Ultimate Frisbee teams. On the field, Scott prefers to wear athletic clothing.

“I’m just there to play the game and put myself out there to do well and support my teammates,” Scott said.“I’m not really thinking as much about how I’m presenting myself.” 

When she is not playing sports, Scott describes her fashion as following three big rules: earth tones, big earrings and baggy pants.

“I definitely have some clothes that I’m very excited about and really love wearing and they make me feel confident … in my ability to be myself,” Scott said. 

She is a fan of the jeans and a sweater with some chunky earrings combination, or the baggy, fun pants with either layered shirts or a tank top look. Her favorite piece right now is a pair of loose-fitting pants that have mushrooms on them.

For Scott, fashion is related less to her identity and more to how she wants to feel.

“It’s kind of just what I’m comfortable in, what I like, what makes me feel confident and comfortable in being myself,” Scott said. 

Martin is known as both a fashionable Bacchus player, one of the KPH organizers, as the creator of the screen printed clothing brand “Delivery Boys” or as just a fashionable person on campus. However, his journey to becoming a fashionable frisbee player started long before his frisbee career at LC did.

“When I was in high school, I started working at a streetwear and vintage store in Denver,” Martin said. “And so from there, I started getting really into clothes. Because when I was working on selling them …  it was a lot more accessible to me.” 

Martin’s style places a lot of emphasis on uniqueness and practicality. Since arriving at LC, his personal style has evolved from bright colors to earth tones, navies and darker colors. Right now, a typical outfit for him consists of  a nice pair of jeans paired with either a shirt from a small brand, a vintage shirt topped with military liners or a work-weary kind of jacket.

He describes the Bacchus team as a “super loving group of people” with rowdy fashion.

“(It) tends to be kind of laid back and kind of normal off the field,” said Martin “But on the field, I feel like you get a lot of crazy stuff … a lot of frisbee teams are super colorful and super crazy because you’re allowed to do a lot more with it.”

At the last tournament in Beaverton, one player reportedly wore climbing pants while another was spotted wearing corduroy during the games. Other fashion trends include super vibrant tights, wearing a lot of fun hoodies or all things jerseys.

You can find Martin’s screenprints @dlvry.boys on Instagram. On April 16 and 17, LC will compete in the Northwest Ultimate Frisbee Conference at Hillsboro High School in Hillsboro, Ore. Martin encourages the LC community to turn out and see all the funky fashion. If they win this tournament, the team will move on to nationals in Wisconsin. The last time either team went to nationals was in 2019. 

Scott also invites students to watch the Artemis vs. Artemis Alumni game on April 23, 6 p.m. at Griswold Stadium. Guests are encouraged to come an hour earlier to warm up, secure seats and get hyped. The Bacchus Alumni Game has officially been rescheduled to April 23 at 7:30pm.

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