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Hawthorne’s 2nd Street thrift shop boasts unique finds

Portland’s most curated secondhand shop draws visitors from across the city for its genuine brands and signature looks. Centrally located in the vibrant Hawthorne District, 2nd Street offers an authenticated collection of secondhand apparel at a range of prices. 

With locations in California and New York, 2nd Street first graced the Pacific Northwest in October 2020 with the opening of its Hawthorne location. The Japanese brand is known for its on-trend and environmentally friendly business model. Buying and selling secondhand goods from its customer base, each location boasts a unique collection specific to the region.

Hidden in the shelves are a multitude of great finds: a pair of Vivienne Westwood Vans sit next to a pair of vintage Dr. Martens as a ’90s era Gucci watch gleams in its display case. Organized by color, brand, size and style, 2nd Street has something for everyone. 

2nd Street employee Ava Smith loves thrift for its individuality. 

“Most of these collections are curated and thought of by employees, and each of our stores has a different vibe,” Smith said.

The style-specific sections offer high quality garments for any niche. Whether in search of cottagecore, dark academia, rock and roll, or Y2K styles, one is sure to get lost in the aisles. 

With a younger employee base of stylish Portlanders, the store is embraces the latest trends. 

Boasting an expansive workwear section, 2nd Street showcases an impressive array of Carhartt pants, jackets, overalls and coveralls. Additionally, in true Portland fashion, their outdoors section offers all the Patagonia, North Face, Columbia and Arc’teryx any adventurer could desire. 

“Since we are in the Pacific Northwest, we get a lot more outdoorsy people in here looking for big brands,” employee Ryley Richards said. 

The brand names come with a 2nd cost, though: Most outerwear goes for 50-70% of its original retail price. A lightly used Patagonia Synchilla fleece retailed in store for $69, compared to $119 to buy it new.

Though 2nd Street brims with brand names, the shop also exhibits a lineup of on-trend and affordable attire. A patterned wool sweater retailed for $23 and an irresistible graphic tee listed at $8. 

Sweater-obsessed Lewis & Clark students should feel right at home in the wool aisle. Though the store includes a range of sizes, it should be noted that the plus size collection is a bit lacking. Employees said they are limited by what gets donated, especially as larger stores face supply-chain issues.

Just an eight minute TriMet bus ride from the Pioneer Express’ Southeast Powell & Milwaukie stop, this shop is definitely worth the trip. Boutiques, restaurants and coffee shops line Southeast Hawthorne Blvd., making for a perfect Saturday trip into the city. 

Open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day, an after-class thrift run is always a possiblity, too. Additionally, the shop has a 14-day return policy. 

The authenticated,  secondhand-chic collection sets 2nd Street apart from other thrift and consignment stores. With both affordability and quality at the forefront of its mission, the shop is a worthwhile stop during a visit to Hawthorne. 

The one downfall? Time seems to slip away in 2nd Street, so be prepared to make an afternoon of it. 

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