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Registration should be easy, more user-friendly

The COVID-19 pandemic posed a great shift in our education. We were forced into the technical world, where computers were now going to be used to watch lectures and attend classes. I had faith that Lewis & Clark would have adapted to this new high-tech learning environment, but it seems they decided the first website to ever be created was the best option for us to choose and plan our classes and futures.

WebAdvisor looks like a satirical recreation of what a website from the stone age of computers would look like. Not only does it look like a fifth grade computer science class project, it works like one as well. We desperately strain our eyes to read the small text descriptions of our future classes. Then, the website will kick us out or freeze, and demand we restart and clean up all of our tabs before we get the pleasure of using it again. It is very stressful for the website we use to register for all of our classes (the whole reason we are even in college) to not be reliable and user-friendly.

I did not find out about class registration until the day before, as I refused to open my emails. Panicking, I ran back to my dorm and hopped on the dreaded WebAdvisor to peruse through the classes I would inevitably be waitlisted for. I went to check my registration time, saw it said 7 a.m., screamed, cried a little, popped a melatonin and went to sleep, as it was already past a responsible student’s bedtime.

My eyes shot open at 6:56, I peeled my laptop open and cringed at the bright whiteness of WebAdvisor staring at me. I logged in, my password was autofilled and I went to hover over my dream classes, my eyes vacillating on the time and the register button. 7 A.M. hit and before I could even breathe, I was waitlisted for every class I had previously selected. It is a weird phenomenon that happens to seemingly everyone at LC. I wonder, who are the students getting these class spots? If I had 7 a.m. registration time, you would think I could at least get my first or second choice classes.

I have some opinions on possible ways that the process of registering for classes would be improved in my following years as a student. First, the school should stop using WebAdvisor. We deserve a website made in this decade to register for classes. It is stressful enough that so many students want to take many of the same classes. We cannot have the program we use crash and freeze our computers.

Next, the time slots for registration should be changed. Can I at least have some coffee and a bagel before I fight for my future academic career? Personally, I did not enjoy the lethargy I felt the rest of the day from stress and lack of sleep. We are college students. We do not want to wake up at 7 a.m. for registration. A later time would be much more accommodating towards our sleep habits.

Finally, the school body has grown significantly in the past few years. We need more slots for popular classes such as ceramics and yoga. If a class has a waitlist bigger than the initial section can hold, maybe another section needs to be added.

Class registration is the most important five minutes of our college experience. If this could be an easy and enjoyable affair, I would have a much easier time sleeping at night. We need to do away with the ancient WebAdvisor, change registration to a later time and make sure students can get into the classes they want.

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