Five LC pets that stole our hearts

Courtesy of Henry Goodier

In the last issue of The Pioneer Log, we met a batch of adorable pets on campus. However, that barely scratched the surface of all the charming friends that share our home on Palatine Hill. There are plenty more pets left to meet. Get to know a few more on this list of five exciting campus pets.


Owner: Area Director for Forest Halls Juliane Corpus

Sandwiches is a 2-year-old Pembroke Welsh corgi. In her free time, Sandwiches loves to watch “Bob’s Burgers,” nap at the feet of Corpus’ partner and watch hockey.

 “We’re trying to reteach her how to high five us with her snoot when our team makes a goal!” Corpus said via email.

Sandwiches’ favorite foods are any crumbs on the floor, salmon jerky and blueberries. Her favorite toys are a rubber artichoke that gets stuffed with treats and a stuffed shrimp that she sometimes sleeps with.

While Sandwiches loves attention, she tends to experience stage fright when going to the bathroom on walks.

“If you all see her on a walk, please do not call her name — she gets distracted from her already difficult potty time,” Corpus said.

Corpus expressed that Sandwiches occasionally needs a dog-sitter. If you are interested in dog-sitting, feel free to send Corpus a direct message through Sandwiches’ Instagram account @sando.thecorgo.


Owner: Macy Carroll ’24

Twyla is a 1-and-a-half-year-old mischievous domestic longhair tabby. Carroll adopted Twyla three months ago and has grown very fond of her since. Twyla’s hobbies include sprinting across the room, sitting on whatever work Carroll is trying to do and going on walks in her strawberry harness.

Her favorite toys are a laser pointer and the classic mouse on a string. Twyla’s favorite things to eat are tuna, strawberries, mangoes and cat-safe yogurt. She is curious, social and really likes to be complimented.

“Twyla’s shelter name was ‘Beautiful Girl’ because of how much she liked compliments,” Carroll said. 

Twyla does not conform to other people’s expectations. According to Carroll, one of the personality traits listed on her flier at the shelter was “plays by her own rules.”

“That turned out to be very true; she really likes to have her own little special Twyla way,” Carroll said.

Twyla is featured on the Instagram account @hha_cats.

Oliver Scott

Owner: Henry Goodier ’23

Oliver Scott is a 2-year-old bearded dragon. His hobbies include running around Goodier’s room, watching his own reflection and riding around on people’s shoulders. Oliver Scott is lovable and mellow. He is picky with food but loves raspberries, carrots and dubia roaches. Oliver Scott also enjoys being dressed up.

“He plays dress-up a lot, like for instance he was a cowboy for Halloween,” Goodier said.


Owner: Keiko Shieber ’22

Mochi is an 8-month-old Shiba Inu. Shieber got Mochi when she was only 9 weeks old. Her hobbies include stealing and eating people’s socks, whining and zooming around. Mochi’s favorite food is fancy salmon. Mochi is very attached to Shieber and tends to scratch at the door when she leaves. Mochi loves to get her picture taken and is very photogenic. 

Shieber commented that Mochi has never been in a relationship and expanded on Mochi’s views towards any potential partners.

“Mochi isn’t looking for anything serious right now, just casual,” Shieber said.

According to Shieber, Mochi is a petty drama queen but warms up to people easily.


Owner: Tobias Bumbard ’25

Bubbles is a two-year-old gray tabby cat. Bumbard has only had her since August of this year. Bubbles acts as Bumbard’s emotional support cat. Bubbles likes to sleep all day and yell all night. Her hobbies include laying on people at inconvenient times, trying to trip people and urinating on things.

“She is just a girlboss on her grind,” Bumbard said.

Pets are unique individuals that have their own rich inner lives. Some animals actively work to help their owners while  others just provide companionship. Always check with their owner for permission to pet and engage with them.

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