These five furry (or slimy) pets bring life to LC

Photograph by Nora Barnard

Have you ever been too shy to ask to pet that adorable dog on campus? Have you ever wondered how many cats lurk in the shadows of Hartzfeld Hall? Pets are not strangers to the Lewis & Clark campus, but many of us are not closely acquainted with one. Their lives are shrouded in mystery. Here to shed some light is a list of five excellent campus pets.


Owner: Megan Beran ’25

Peggers is a six-year-old domestic shorthair tabby. Her hobbies include rolling on the carpet, scrounging for crumbs, licking everything and zooming around Beran’s dorm at 10:30 p.m. Peggers’ favorite foods are pretzels, goldfish and sandwich bread. According to Berand, Peggers has the charming personality of a goofy stoner. A fun fact about Peggers is that she is missing her right hind foot. When Beran adopted her, she did not notice that Peggers was missing a foot, but that has not stopped her mischievous cat from getting into trouble.

“She’s so agile, I think she does pull-ups or something,” Beran said. 

Biggie Snails

Owner: Melanie Worthington ’25

Biggie Snails is a friendly garden snail with a brown shell. He is one years old. Worthington received Biggie from a friend who had around 70 garden snail babies. Biggie especially enjoys hanging upside down from the top of his terrarium. His favorite foods are frozen peas, strawberries and basil. According to Worthington, Biggie likes to look at people’s faces.

“He may seem hard on the outside, but he’s soft on the inside,” Worthington said.


Owner: Britt Holmquist ’23

Calypso is a playful one-year-old domestic longhair cat. A fun fact about Calypso is that she is polydactyl, which means she has six toes on each foot. According to Holmquist, Calypso is a lesbian. Her hobbies include staring angrily at people, yelling at Holmquist in the bathroom, hunting birds through the window and turning on the shower so she can drink from it. Calypso’s favorite things to eat are plastic garbage bags and yarn. She is known for being chatty.

“Everybody who meets her is like, ‘Your cat talks so much,’” Holmquist said. “I’m like, ‘Yeah, she has so much to say.’”

Calypso is regularly featured on the Instagram account @hha_cats.


Owner: Rory Bayer-Nadel ’22

Darcy, a five-year-old labradoodle and goldendoodle mix, is a loving dog that serves as Bayer-Nadel’s medical service animal. Darcy is a migraine-alert dog, meaning she is trained to detect early signs of a migraine and alert Bayer-Nadel so they can take preventative measures to ease the severity of the migraine. When she is working, she is polite, focused and calm. When she is not, Darcy is vocal, attention-seeking and lazy.

“It’s similar to having a toddler,” Bayer-Nadel said.

When she is off-duty, Darcy enjoys hiking, making furry friends at the dog park, chasing cats, rolling in the snow and napping.


Owner: Ferdinand Sawyer ’22

Chamomile is a sociable Siamese shorthair mix with white hair and tabby stripes. Chamomile is 14 months old. A fun fact about Chamomile is that she is a mother of four kittens. Her hobbies include waking Sawyer up by licking their face and stealing items.

“She loves to go for earplugs, pens and washi tape,” Sawyer said. “Lately she’s been dropping them in my roommate’s boots.”

Chamomile is also leash-trained and loves to go on walks. She has two cat trees to herself, which are where she spends most of her time. Chamomile’s favorite foods are pumpkin puree and puree fish in a tube, which Sawyer refers to as “cat gogurt.”

“She goes wild for cat gogurt,” Sawyer said.

Chamomile is friendly, social and affectionate. Chamomile can also be found on Instagram at @hha_cats.

Every pet has their own individual personality, likes, dislikes and feelings about personal space. Remember that while pets on campus are very cute, you should always ask permission from their owners before petting or engaging with them.

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