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Office of Sustainability’s new ReUse Room offers thrifting, clothing swaps

The all-new LC ReUse Room and Thrift Shop has capitalized on the popularity of thrifting and clothing swaps among Lewis & Clark students. LC’s Office of Sustainability, announced the opening of the new

on-campus thrift shop on Oct. 8. 

“The person who deserves credit for spearheading this is Amy Dvorak,” Ara Vickers ’22, a member of the ReUse Room said. “She brought me in last summer, but she’s been working on this for a year.” 

Unnecessary campus waste inspired the Office of Sustainability to start the ReUse Room.

“We see so many quality items just thrown out, especially around move-out time,” Vickers said. “For such a green campus, we think it’s so important for the community not to create so much waste.”

The ReUse Room is now operating out of the Corbett House on Fridays from 3-5 p.m. On their webpage, the ReUse Room invites students to come “shop” for free clothes, dorm furnishings, school supplies and more. 

“The opening went well,” Vickers said. “Each time we’ve opened we’ve had 30 to 40 people coming by, and we’re looking forward to getting the word out so people can come by and know where to donate.”

The ReUse Room will be hosting events around campus regularly throughout the semester. One event they held recently was the Halloween Costume Swap on Oct. 21, which allowed students to donate and look through used Halloween costume pieces. Upcoming events around campus will be posted on their Instagram page and under “Sustainability” on the LC website.

In their donation guidelines, the ReUse Room team specifies what kinds of donations they are hoping to receive. Referencing a recent Oregon Public Broadcast article on mindful donating, the ReUse Room asks that students be conscious of whether the items they donate are usable or if they need to be thrown away. Damaged clothes, used bedding and unusable or dirty items will not be accepted. The webpage for the ReUse Room asks that potential donors check their existing guidelines or the Instagram page 

@sustainablelc for current requested donations.

“I am extremely passionate about a no-buy lifestyle,” Vickers said. “I didn’t grow up with a lot of excess items … I think it’s really powerful, this shift we’ve seen towards thrifting, and I’m excited to be a part of expanding these opportunities on campus.”

Moving forward, the Office of Sustainability hopes to find their own space on campus, in order to be closer to the student body they serve and to have opportunities to expand their services. They also plan to increase their hours of availability, as well as to expand the focus of their mission beyond serving LC’s undergraduate student body. 

“Not only do we want to expand our hours and find a permanent home, we’re hoping to implement a system for donations in the dorms,” Vickers said when asked about the future of the ReUse Room. “We just have to get that structured. And we are working with the Tiny House Club to create a space, like a trailer or a tiny house, to move from dorm to dorm.”

Students who are interested in becoming part of the ReUse Room team are encouraged to email or message them on Instagram

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