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Fashionable students emphasize importance of comfort, creativity

If you live on campus, you have probably seen showers splattered with color from a hair-dying escapade. Crime scene-adjacent, it is a staple of dorm life. Lanna Sayles ’24 knows this all too well from dying her hair (and a shower in Akin Hall) hot pink. 

“I was on @shittylctoilets, that was horrifying to see,” Sayles said, referencing the popular student-run Instagram page.

Pink has recently become a go-to color for Sayles, who can often be seen around campus rocking a light pink blazer that she thrifted from Value Village. Sayles describes herself as dressing “more business casual,” with a love of the Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo. It is a well thought-out style that gears itself toward the big-pants, small-shirt look, which she likes to pair with a comfortable coat and extravagant earrings.

“I love when people wear quirky earrings and things that aren’t supposed to be earrings,” Sayles said.

Sayles’ Halloween costume, which she has been planning since July, also promises to be highly extravagant. She plans to dress as Jacob Black from the infamous “Bella! Where the hell have you been, Loca?” scene in “Twilight,” but she may change this due to her new hair color. You can see her costume and more outfits on her Instagram, @lannasayles.

Our next fashionable LC student uses the classic PNW layering technique. Newt Arbogast ’23 makes his fashion decisions based on weather, comfort and what he is doing that day. Arbogast also always makes a point to wear clothes that have been gifted to him, saying, “If I am meeting a specific person and they have given me clothes, I wear them.” 

This thoughtfulness is a theme for Arbogast’s fashion choices. They describe consciously styling their clothes to send the message “I am queer” so that they are not perceived as a cisgender man. For Arbogast, this style takes the form of cuffed jeans, tucked sweaters and neutral colors.

“Comfort is key; I don’t like to wear anything that makes me uncomfortable mentally or physically,” Arbogast said.

This year, he is continuing his tradition of going all out for Halloween with a group costume. Last year Arbogast went as Tombo from the movie “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” and in keeping with the movie character theme, this year their friend group is planning on being the animals from Wes Anderson’s “Fantastic Mr. Fox.” If you would like to see Arbogast take on the role of Kristofferson this Halloween, you can see that and more on his Instagram

Mei Bailey ’22 gives off untouchable senior vibes. She has an on-campus presence that is classy, composed, well-spoken and genuine. Yet just like the rest of us, Bailey’s fashion has been evolving throughout her time at LC. 

“As I came to college and became more secure in my identity and my queerness and all of those things, I think (my fashion) changed,” Bailey said. “I think it reflects how I’ve developed.”

Bailey enjoys combining comfort with more elegant, preppy looks. A good example is her chic and comfortable black Uniqlo pants matched with her favorite piece: her Dr. Martens Mary Jane shoes. These shoes are extremely versatile and have been featured in many outfits from concerts to interviews. For Bailey, the journey to finding what makes you comfortable is very important.

“The cool thing about fashion is I don’t think there is ever a stopping point,” Bailey said. “It’s always going to change because you’re always changing. The things you like and the people you meet: it’s all going to affect how you want, or how you can, present yourself.”

Halloween is Bailey’s favorite holiday because she can dress up, and this year she has multiple costumes. Most notable is Feathers McGraw, the villainous penguin from the “Wallace and Gromit” franchise. McGraw wears a rubber glove on his head, which Bailey will replicate with  a hat she is crocheting. This costume had been almost a year in progress, so make sure to compliment Bailey if you see her on campus.

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