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LC introduces new “Shapes” and “Colors” core classes for freshmen

Lewis & Clark has always been an institution that prides itself on providing its students with a well-rounded education. Part of the liberal arts experience is finding new and unique ways for students to learn and understand the world around them, and to prepare students for adult life. 

LC currently has two core classes that students are required to take during their freshman year, Words and Numbers. These help students to further develop writing and quantitative reasoning skills. Along with these classes, LC has announced two new additional core classes: Shapes and Colors. 

Shapes and Colors will work very similarly to Words and Numbers. Students will take them during their freshman year. One will be scheduled for fall semester, and the other will be scheduled for spring semester. 

In Shapes class, students will learn to differentiate triangles, squares, circles and much more. Some of the sections offered include “Triangles, Squares, and Circles,” and they will all take place in Albany Quadrangle. Dr. Ron Bus, associate professor of quadrilaterals, will be among many of the distinguished faculty that will be teaching Shapes. Activities in these classes will include full class instruction on different shapes and how to identify them and sorting shapes into their corresponding holes in a learning cube device. 

In Colors class, students will learn about all the colors of the rainbow. Some of the sections offered here include “Red, Orange, Yellow and Green.” Professor Roy G. Biv will be teaching many Colors sections this year. This class involves faculty-led discussions about what each student’s favorite color is, and engaging with readings from notable authors such as Dr. Seuss and Eric Carle. Students will also be required to complete 16 pages of a coloring book. There will be some writing assignments as well, which must be typed in Comic Sans 12-point font with double spacing. This year, there will also be an opportunity for students to test out a new device developed by grad students where they will be able to place donuts of various hues onto a wooden pole.

“I chose LC because of how the school exposes you to new topics and innovative ways of learning, and I am so thankful that I get the opportunity to take these classes,” Suzy Jones ’25 said. “I always get diamonds and squares confused, so I’m excited to finally know what the different shapes are.” 

Shapes and Colors will be a fine addition to LC’s rich and diverse curriculum. These classes will give students essential career skills for the future, like knowing what makes a triangle different from a square and how certain colors are different from other colors.

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