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“Call on Jamie” allows listeners chance to chat

Every Tuesday night at 6 p.m., Jameson Murray-Hiteshew ’23 goes live on KLC radio. Her hour-long radio show is called “Call On Jamie,” and boasts the tagline, “Have you ever wanted one of your personal issues to be broadcasted on a public domain in the form of a 2007 Maroon 5 song? You’ve come to the right place.” Throughout the broadcast, anyone is welcome to call in, either anonymously or publicly, and talk to Murray-Hiteshew about whatever they want. In response to every caller, Murray-Hiteshew plays a song that is relevant to their conversation.

So far, most callers consist of Murray-Hiteshew’s friends and family. 

“It’s kind of funny,” Murray-Hiteshew said. “I’ll put (the number to call in) on my Instagram, and then someone will call in who I know from, like, high school, who I haven’t spoken to in four years.” 

She says people usually tend to talk about love and relationships, which always makes for an interesting discussion. No topic is off-limits; one of the most memorable conversations she had was with a high school friend of hers asking for advice about an awkward sexual experience.

According to Murray-Hiteshew, people often call in with different expectations. Some of them just want to reconnect with her, while others want her to play the role of a “Dear Abby” columnist. One of the funniest calls Murray-Hiteshew received was from her friend’s mother, who called in to complain about her relationship trouble. 

“So, I gave her some advice there,” Murray-Hiteshew said.

Sophie Bennett, a childhood friend of Murray-Hiteshew who regularly calls to catch up with her, describes the show’s atmosphere as reminiscent of a podcast. She enjoys “Call On Jamie” as a friendly, wholesome space where people can casually discuss their lives.

“It feels very cozy. It feels like you’re in the studio with her and all her friends.” Bennett said.

Murray-Hiteshew has been hosting “Call On Jamie” for about a year, after starting it in March 2020. Her inspiration came from a radio show she and her dad would listen to in their hometown of Washington, D.C. 

“There was this radio show run by this woman named Delilah,” she said. “People would call in and ask for advice, and she would play them a song.”

Murray-Hiteshew described Delilah’s show as “really goofy” and unintentionally hilarious, and she and her dad would constantly joke about it. Upon arriving at LC, Murray-Hiteshew thought it would be fun to start her own version of Delilah’s radio show. She did not have any broadcasting experience before starting “Call On Jamie,” but the KLC staff was enthusiastic about her idea.

While Murray-Hiteshew says she has never been recognized outside of KLC as the host of “Call On Jamie,” and acknowledges that the number of listeners on an average “Call On Jamie” episode tends to be low, she enjoys reconnecting with friends and being part of KLC. Her other favorite shows on KLC include “Sexology”, a show about sex and relationships at LC; the “Sunday Soul Hour,” an hour-long program of soul and R&B music; and “Crime Time,” a show discussing true crime cases and urban legends, which runs after “Call on Jamie” on Tuesday nights.

Murray-Hiteshew welcomes callers, no matter who they are or what they want to talk about, between 6 and 7 p.m. on Tuesdays at (240) 428-9633.

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