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The student-athlete’s guide to dorm cooking

Does the walk to the Bon seem to be never-ending? Is the Bon food simply not satisfying enough for that walk? Is it time for round two, but the Bon is already closed? 

It is part of an athlete’s duty to maintain good health and energy throughout the day. With COVID-19, it has become even more imperative that student-athletes are not falling into the trap  of eating whatever food is most convenient, instead of nutritious food that helps maintain good health.  In order to perform to the greatest extent possible, athletes need to be putting the correct things in their bodies. Here are three incredibly simple and healthy recipes to keep student-athletes fueled through the day: 

  1. No bake protein bites 

This recipe is incredibly simple and an easy way to fill any lingering hunger that the Bon might have missed. These no bake bites are healthy-energy boosters and can be a great source of protein for athletes. The seven ingredient recipe consists of peanut butter, honey, vanilla extract, old fashioned oats, ground golden flaxseed meal and chocolate chips. To make these bites of heaven, first mix all of the wet ingredients: peanut butter, honey and vanilla extract. Next, stir in the dry ingredients: oats, coconut, flaxseed meal and chocolate chips. After the two sets of ingredients are well combined, put the mixture in the fridge for 20 to 30 minutes to firm up. Once those 20 to 30 minutes are up, roll a chunk of the mixture into a ball and chomp away! 

  1. Healthy ramen 

Ramen will always be a part of college living. Nothing can beat the 79 cent price for a meal. However, the flavoring packet can be extremely unhealthy if eaten repeatedly (and it can be very easy to eat ramen consistently after a day of practice, workouts and classes). This recipe eliminates the flavoring packet and includes an easy alternative that produces much more nutrition. In place of the flavor packet, thoroughly mix together with a fork 3 tablespoons of almond butter, 3 tablespoons of sriracha, 3 tablespoons of lime, 1 teaspoon of garlic powder, 2 tablespoons of water and, if desired, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce. Most of these ingredients are to taste, so for instance, by adding more sriracha it will make the sauce a little spicier and by adding more soy sauce it will make it a little saltier. You can adapt the recipe to fit your preferences. Next, simply prepare the ramen in water as the package says, and finally, mix the sauce with the noodles in a bowl. Adding sliced cabbage and carrots on top of the ramen is recommended to get a serving of vegetables in for the day. Happy eating! 

  1. Apple pie in a mug 

Everyone deserves to treat themselves with a little dessert after a long, hard day. This simple recipe gives the full apple pie experience in only a couple of minutes. It is a five ingredient recipe that consists of one green apple, two tablespoons of butter, sugar and cinnamon to taste (if buying sugar and cinnamon separately is too inconvenient, the McCormick cinnamon sugar mix at Fred Meyer will certainly suffice), and granola for the top. To begin, chop up one green apple into bite-sized pieces and throw them into a mug. Next, add butter, cinnamon and sugar on top. Then, microwave the mug with the ingredients for about two minutes. Lastly, stir the ingredients up, add the granola (and maybe some honey to sweeten it) and enjoy!

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