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Editors’ picks: our recommendations for entertainment

Let us be honest with ourselves. While we may want to use this time to do some spring cleaning or dust off a skill that has been in disuse for years, we probably will not. The extra time we have in Portland, home and elsewhere will mostly be filled with us laying on our beds, laptops open, in search of some mindless entertainment to keep our hearts lighter in this dark time. Here are some suggestions for your viewing pleasure.

“Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”

If you are of the mind set that we are in the end times, or enjoy laughing at coronavirus memes to cope, this is the film for you. This apocalyptic film released in 2012 is riddled with dark, twisted humor and romance that will make you laugh, cry and cringe (sometimes all at once). Be prepared that this is not a light-hearted rom-com by any means, but a profoundly moving, beautiful cinematic experience with an impeccably soulful soundtrack. Also, the film pairs Steve Carell and Keira Knightley as love interests. While they might seem like a strange couple at first, their on-screen chemistry is lovely and endearing, as they find love and comfort in each other in the impending apocalypse. Lastly, Knightley’s character “Penny” is an absolute dreamboat with a killer (pun intended) aesthetic.  (Riley)

“Daniel Sloss: Live Shows”

Also on Netflix, Sloss is one of my favorite comedians, in part because he is able to make jokes about incredibly dark and heavy topics and still earn uproarious laughter. Do you not believe me? A large segment of his show is about his late mentally challenged sister … and it is hilarious. (Anna)


Dare I say it? If you feel like you’re prepared enough, have a dark sense of humor or just want to worry yourself a little bit more, check out this 2011 sci-fi film that depicts pretty much exactly what is happening now, and wonder to yourself if Steven Soderbergh is, in fact, a time traveler. (Lexie)

“The Circle”

This is yet another Netflix reality show, but in stressful times it makes sense that we are drawn to the trashiest, mindless media such as a popularity contest. This social media competition show will also have a completely different layer of relatability now that we are all socially isolating and communicating solely through technology, just like the competitors on “The Circle.” This show does have a heart though, and a lot of important questions about image and oppression are brought up. (Venus)

“Neon Genesis Evangelion”

I may get shit for including this show, but that is something I expect given the series’s reputation. That being said, do not be dissuaded by this show if you typically do not watch anime. It has one of the most compelling, moving and mysterious plots in television generally. While it aired more than twenty years ago, it has held up visually with elements of steampunk, science fiction and evolution. The only qualm I still have after watching the series multiple times involves the amount of time I have spent feverishly conducting research on enduring enigmas in the show. Available on Netflix. (Justin)

“Schitt’s Creek”

This is the best show since The Office, in my opinion. Seasons one through five are on Netflix, season 6 is still premiering. It is hilarious and heartfelt and has some of the most quotable characters of all time. This show is super bingeable, so remember to get up and hydrate between seasons. (Amelia)

“Your Undivided Attention”

This podcast changed my outlook on life dude. Tristan Harris, one of the hosts, used to work for Apple and he invented the infinite scroll. Then he realized that companies are investing in technology that gets people more and more addicted to screens, so he quit and founded the Center for Humane Technology, which produces this podcast. His guests are so knowledgeable about how technology is used to manipulate and misinform people and everyone needs to know the information contained in their 13 riveting episodes. I’m here to discuss when you finish. (Amelia)

“This Podcast Will Kill You”

Can’t stop thinking about infectious disease? Disease Ecologists and Epidemiologists Erin Welsh and Erin Allmann Updyke will walk you through the history and the biology of several different infectious diseases throughout history. (Lexie) 

“I Think You Should Leave”

Good laughs have been few and far between but “I Think You Should Leave” will leave you with a tummy ache from laughing. It is one of the first sketch comedy shows I have seen that is continuously funny throughout its runtime. It may be short with only one season but it is worth the watch for the laughs it brings. (Gabriel) 

“Welcome to Nightvale”

I started listening to this podcast as an angsty seventh-grader with bangs and an affinity for being different, before I even understood what satire was. It was weird, and I liked it. Since then, I’ve come to fully appreciate the humorous, satirical nature of this bi-weekly podcast that takes the form of a local radio stations updates to their community. I personally love the weather reports that feature a variety of new music in each podcast. Welcome to Nightvale is a great stand-alone podcast, but there is definitely an engaging overarching story to follow should you want to invest in starting from the beginning. (Jo)


All seasons 1-8 streaming on Amazon Prime, this is my favorite show of all time. The perfect balance between funny and serious, crime drama and absolute ridiculousness, this show has it all. There is a character for everyone to love, and not a single one that will not leave you dying of laughter. If you are looking for a show to get invested in to take your mind off the current state of the world, this is the perfect show for you. (Aidan)

“Grey’s Anatomy” 

A true throwback, I know. Maybe it will remind you a little too much of the global pandemic, but this medical drama is just dumb enough to feel fictional and just real enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. I cried. Several times. (Lexie)

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