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Gymshark: a hidden gem in athletic wear

Gymshark has branded itself as the official attire of the Instagram fitness influencer. Although I hate certain aspects of Gymshark’s image, (think of the videos of women flipping tires in a montage of dizzying edits and men squatting several plates while Imagine Dragons plays) I find myself buying their products again and again.

The types of routines I have followed over the years have evolved and changed significantly, and my taste in athletic wear has changed with it. Before I started lifting, I modeled and therefore had to do a lot of cardio. Between the stair master, yoga and spin class I was working out for about ten hours a week. Lululemon leggings quickly became a staple in my wardrobe.

While I still love Lululemon, the brand definitely has some downsides. The pieces have stood the test of time, but at $100 or more for a single pair of leggings, the clothes should be doing the workout for me. When I started lifting and gaining a significant amount of weight, I knew I needed a wardrobe change. I was resistant to liking Gymshark, and tried to find alternatives, but my God, their leggings, sports bras and shirts are second to none in the athletic wear industry. 

Right off the bat, their product is aesthetically pleasing. With a mix of classic styles and innovative design, Gymshark has something for everyone. There are two qualities of their clothing that I have not been able to find in other brands: the price and the experience they sell with their clothes.

The price, relative to other brands, is inexpensive, a pair of leggings costs about $40. Admittedly, my Gymshark leggings do begin to show signs of wear much quicker than Lululemon leggings, but at less than half the price I cannot complain. The most significant appeal of Gymshark is the way I feel when wearing their clothes.

For me, the reason I became so addicted to lifting was because of how strong I felt while going through my workouts, and Gymshark’s clothes accentuated areas of my body I did not appreciate before. Gymshark clothes are rebellious yet racy. Add a good playlist into the equation and you have a recipe for an excellent gym session.

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