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The future is at stake under Donald Trump

Since before his term even began, numerous citizens have been calling for the impeachment and removal of President Donald Trump. The actions that sparked the call for impeachment have been many, ranging from accusations of sexual assault to his dealings with Russia and his recent scandal with Ukraine. 

While the first two issues failed to prompt an impeachment inquiry, House Democrats have chosen to go forward with formal impeachment proceedings on the basis of the mounting evidence that Trump withheld military aid from Ukraine in order to get information on political rival Joe Biden. He is also accused of using aid to force Ukraine to investigate Ukrainian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

At this point, the American people have received numerous accounts of the president’s violation of the law. If we do not utilize our institutional power, we set a dangerous precedent for future leaders. We show succeeding presidents that they can participate in illegal activities without being held accountable. President Trump used military aid as a bargaining chip against Ukraine, one of our most vulnerable allies, and if we refuse to look into this blatant abuse of power, our institutions lose integrity and legitimacy. 

On a moral and legal basis, this president deserves to be impeached, if not removed, because of his abhorrent actions over the past three years. I am not ignorant to the fact that removal is not realistic due to hyperpartisanship, but by refusing to investigate we fail to fulfill the duties necessary to sustain our union. The president, no matter who he or she is, must be accountable to the people. While Trump’s removal is not guaranteed, I believe the impeachment inquiry must go forth based on principle. The procedure of impeachment was created to be utilized when necessary. Just because the president was elected (despite losing the popular vote) does not mean he cannot be impeached. People, no matter if they inhabit the public or private sector, must be held accountable for their actions or our system will fail to operate effectively. 

I understand that Trump is not all that is wrong with our system. There are numerous issues that need to be addressed if we want a government that operates effectively and equally. But I do believe that Trump is a manifestation of many of the things that are wrong with our current political climate. He is entitled and careless, and he has turned into a security blanket for white Americans who feel threatened by our diversifying society.

President Trump is a public servant. His first and most important role is to serve the people he was elected to represent. Time and time again he has shown himself to be power-hungry and apathetic without care for national security or public wellbeing. His constant abuse of power, the hatred that he promotes and the threat that he presents to our democracy can no longer be tolerated. It is bad enough that we have ignored upwards of ten accusations of sexual assault and potential obstruction of justice. These latest accusations come as no surprise, and it is time that we take action against this president. In a country that prides itself on justice, no one should be above the law.

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