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Diva Cups: a great way to share, care

You are sitting in class, and all of a sudden, your Aunt Flo comes. You ask yourself, what are you going to do? So you whisper to a nearby classmate, “Hey, can I borrow a tampon?” And of course they give it to you. Sharing these products have become normalized in our society. But alas, there is a new girl in town, the oh-so-magical Diva Cup. 

The Diva Cup is a silicon funnel-shaped cup (not for drinking) used to collect period blood. The cup does not absorb blood — it is reusable and eco-friendly. The Diva Cup is a fantastic new tool that should not be kept a secret. If you have one in your possession, it is your duty to make sure your friends are properly informed. Diva Cups can be an expensive commitment for the average college student, so share yours with those around you! I suggest alternating turns on the Diva Cups. One week you have it and the next you pass it on to another friend, and another, until we can all be synced up. Yes, this task may seem daunting at first, but worry not! This is the best way to save money, strengthen friendships and ultimately save the planet.

Obviously, sharing Diva Cups is a duty we hold to not only ourselves but the world, so I decided to ask my friends if they felt the same way. Sadly, the majority of my research resulted in faces of disgust, and flat out refusal to share Diva Cups. For some unknowable reason, nobody had even attempted to share them! 

Iris Tyler ’22 said that she “strongly advocates for Diva Cups, but only in one vagina.” This comment was baffling to me, because we share so much already. When you see a friend shivering in the cold, you hand them a jacket. In the same respect, if you see a friend on their period, then they should be offered the Diva Cup right out of your vag! A true blood bond is created when all walls (including the uterine variety) are broken down. Sharing Diva Cups is a way to share a tangible piece of yourself to a loved one in an immeasurable way. The ultimate testament of friendship is sharing these vulnerable moments. If true friendships can consist of post-Bon shits in the bathroom, popping each other’s pimples and even using the same toothbrush, why not borrow each other’s Diva Cups? 

The time to show off your closeness with your best friends is now! This is the season for giving and comradery. You are not only saving money, but the planet as well. So yes, if you see a friend in need, do not reach for that tampon. Pop out your Diva Cup and give it to your new blood sister.

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