Campus Safety officer brings tiny K-9 to LC

Photo by Aidan D'Anna

He is small, furry and has a coat with a hood: Po-Aia, nicknamed “Po” by his owner and Campus Safety Officer of over 20 years, Arlen Nishida. Po, a one-year-old chihuahua, has made quite the impression on the Lewis & Clark community. He can be seen walking around campus or even on ride-alongs with campus security officers. 

“He likes to argue with me and yaps a lot especially when he wants my attention,” Nishida said. 

Despite his sometimes short temper, Po is loved by many, including those in and outside of the LC community.

“Everybody loves him, even my church family,” Nishida said.

Nishida went on to share stories of how Po cheers up everyone he knows. 

“My assistant pastor (at the church he attends), he had a stroke, and I used to sneak (Po) into the hospital,” Nishida said. “After a bit, the nurses started to notice.”

Still, no one stopped the adorable chihuahua from further hospital visits. 

“He has a personality that people love,” Nishida said. 

Po is known by students for making appearances in small coats and sweaters. Regarding proper campus safety uniforms, Nishida admits he wants to make a K-9 pin for his leash.

“He lets me put on his coats, only when he feels like it,” Nishida said. 

Po’s personality is very yappy at times, as Nishida admits, although he is quite loving and definitely one social pup.

When Nashida brings in his dog, students seem to gravitate towards him. 

“They are hesitant at first to pet him,” Nishida said. “I say, ‘Would you like to pet the dog?’ and they always say ‘yes.’ I say, ‘Po, go say hello,’ and he walks right up to them. I tell the students we have to bring him in because of budget cuts.”

Po is a frequent visitor during finals week, as Nishida sometimes brings him in during the end of the semester. Students might even catch him on a walk on campus or see him on a ride-along. Po, LC’s adorable K-9 chihuahua, keeps campus safe and snuggly.

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