List of gender neutral insults

Here is a list of gender neutral insults so you can insult your peers while breaking the gender binary:

  1. Toe Sucker
  2. ASLC Representative
  3. LARPer
  4. Heretic
  5. Cop
  6. Liberal Snowflake
  7. Imagine Dragons Fan
  8. Corporate Shill
  9. Class Traitor
  10. Mouthbreather
  11. Bourgeois Scum
  12. Wim(p)
  13. Dutch Dictator
  14. Full Tuition Student
  15. Neanderthal 
  16. Proletariat Scum
  17. Kombucha Consumer
  18. Reed Reject
  19. Freudian Fantasy
  20. Business Major
  21. Theatre Kid
  22. Pio Log Contributor

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