Members and fans of the LC futsal team Big Body Bugattis poses for a team photo post game, after a though game in Pamplin. Photo by Hanna Wright

Intramural Futsal shows LC’s vibrant spirit

While the midterms, projects and homework keeps piling up on students as the school year picks up, an angel has come to save Lewis & Clark students from endless nights of studying: the intramural futsal season.

Intramural futsal began on Sept. 22 and will last until the first week of November. The regular season lasts for three weeks. Then, the top eight teams in each league will battle it out in a single-elimination tournament. A total of 24 teams are vying for the title of intramural futsal champion across two separate leagues. 10 teams are in A league while 14 are in B league. The B League is for more casual, friendly play while the A League is more competitive. Games for both leagues occur every Sunday and Wednesday from 7-10 p.m. in the Pamplin Sports Complex. 

“As a program, intramurals tries its best to bring students together, be that current students, faculty, alumni or students on other parts of campus (graduate and law),” Logan Kyle ’21, a member of the intramural student leadership team, said. “It’s a really fun way to get out and take our minds off of studying and meet a lot of really cool people.”

Kyle is also a member of a team named “QQQQ” and is looking to defend his team’s futsal title for the third year in a row. Fellow teammate and leadership member John Rauen ’21 reflected on the community intramurals fosters on the LC campus. 

“Intramurals is a great community on campus and I wanted to be part of it,” Rauen said. “My friends are on the leadership team as well so I made an easy transition on to it.”

Intramural futsal also attracts a variety of people to cheer on their fellow LC companions. In a recent Wednesday night game, Big Body Bugatti faced off against Hush Szn in the B League. Although Hush Szn came away with a 12-4 victory, echoes of “Big Body Bugatti” could be heard across the gym and it was all smiles and laughs on the court. One fan cheering for Hush Szn, Madeline Swanberg ’23, commented on the atmosphere intramural futsal brings to campus.

“I have a couple friends on the futsal team and I came last week and it was a pretty fun but low key and exciting to watch environment,” Swanberg said. 

Swanberg is currently on the LC cross country team and cannot play intramurals. However, she still thoroughly enjoys watching and being part of the community. Aaron Campbell, the director of the LC intramural program and the track & field head coach, praised the student leadership committee and its ability to bring the student body together. 

“I think probably the biggest thing is we have a lot of student involvement and that is not just from obviously the team perspective and people playing but we have a lot of student involvement from our organization,” Campbell said. “From people who do referee training, people who organize the games, to people who do our media, those are all students.”

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