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Humans of LC Instagram features students, staff

Over nine million people follow the Humans of New York Instagram account, @humansofny, which is famous for posting profiles of New Yorkers accompanied by short interviews. Following in the footsteps of the creators of Humans of NY, Adrian Aliwarga ’21 has brought his own version to Lewis & Clark.  The Instagram account, @humansoflewisandclark, features photos and stories from students and staff at LC.

Aliwarga had thought about starting the Humans of LC account for a while. He wanted to feature individuals in order for people to learn more about the backgrounds, identities and experiences of other members of the LC community.

The Instagram account existed before Aliwarga took charge: two alumni, Jackson Thein ’18 and Geneva Karr ’17, previously ran the account, but it was left inactive once they graduated. When Aliwarga began working with Public Relations and Communications (PubCom), his supervisor, Michael Mannheimer, told him about the account, and he decided to pick up where they left off.

“It took quite a bit of time to start bringing it back online,” Aliwarga said. “I think we are getting good feedback and good reactions from the Lewis & Clark community.”

Finding people to feature on the account has been a difficult task for Aliwarga so far, and he has been focusing on people that he already knows. He is looking to branch out, in order to find a wider variety of students who have had interesting experiences at LC. 

“We want people who really have interesting stories to tell and who have not been here a while,” Aliwarga said. “Their stories are still fresh; from the trend it’s been mostly sophomores and freshmen.” 

In the future, Aliwarga plans to include more upperclassmen and faculty.

While not directly associated with LC, the Instagram page is regulated by PubCom. Students individually write the story that is posted, but PubCom monitors each post. The topics featured in posts cover a wide range of subjects. In recent posts, interviews have ranged from coming out experiences to dining hall stories. Many stories have been very personal, as those being interviewed have been more than willing to share.

“I personally say to just tell me a personal story that you would like to share with the LC community — something that you’re comfortable with, anything personal that has affected you greatly,” Aliwarga said.  

Aliwarga plans to increase the number of posts on the account, by including a wider range of people interviewed and stories told. The first step for him is finding more people who are willing to be featured. If interested in being interviewed, email him at

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