A photo of Sports editor J'juan White trying out Coach Ange's routine.

Coach Ange’s Corner: The True Summer Fitness Routine

It is often thought that having a sexy eight-pack is the height of muscularity, but an often overlooked area is the upper quarter of the body. The biceps, triceps, shoulders and trapezius muscles are an essential portion of the body to focus on if you are looking to be beach-body ready.

Even if your goal is not to be a spectacle in your new swimsuit, focusing on this area of the body should be done anyway for overall strength. Sculpted arms are the easiest way to flaunt your fitness, whether you’re at the office or the beach. Strong shoulders, biceps and triceps will help you slice through the water while swimming, propel you along the hiking trail and just keep you pumping more efficiently in general.

Working out your upper body is about more than just looking good. Having toned arms and shoulders is always a nice bonus, but there are real health benefits to having upper body strength. A strong upper body helps with injury-prevention and aging. Loss of muscle mass in your upper body can have a great effect on other aspects of your life. For example, if you injure your lower extremities and require the use of crutches, upper body strength allows you to remain mobile. A strong upper body is also a great way to correct posture and skeletal form. The best way to achieve proper posture is to tone the back and shoulder muscles, strengthening them to hold the top half of your body up.

Along with health and posture benefits, training these muscles is also highly beneficial for burning fat and boosting metabolism. In addition to high-intensity exercise, strength training is an excellent way to get rid of stubborn, excess body fat because working your muscles is the key to amplifying your metabolism.

By building strength in this area, normal everyday functions will become much easier. Whether you are lifting a box to the top shelf or pulling that backpack full of textbooks over your shoulder, focusing on these areas will make simple tasks like these much less stringent. It will also limit the potential for injury when performing these tasks.

All in all, building up the upper portion of the torso and the arms is much more useful than just lifting for vanities sake. Yes, it will put you well on track to that summer body that you desire, but strengthening these areas is also highly beneficial for overall health. The workout below will breakdown these muscles and how to strengthen them.

Isolation Mania – 1 Round of 20 each

  • Biceps
    • DB Zottman Curls
    • DB Incline Curls
  • Triceps
    • DB French Press
    • EZ Bar Skull Crushers
    • Cable Push-Downs
  • Deltoids
    • DB Frontal Raise
    • DB Lateral Raise
    • DB Rear Flys

Combine Workout – 1 round of 20ea, 15ea, 10ea, 5ea

  • Pull-Up
  • DB French Press
  • DB Incline Curls

Written by J’juan White and Coach Angela Dendas-Pleasant.

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