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Alcohol Will No Longer Be Served at Maggie’s

Recently, students have noticed that Maggie’s is no longer serving alcoholic beverages. Maggie’s used to have “Maggie’s Pub Nights” which served students of legal age and offered a variety of beers and wines during specific hours. This program recently disappeared without a trace or notice from Maggie’s, leading students to wonder if perhaps this was another budget cut, or if there was a more specific reason involved with the decision.

Ryan Jensen, the General Manager for Bon Appétit, explained this disappearance.

“Based on the dwindling number of people taking advantage of the Maggie’s Pub program, one or two patrons a week at most, some weeks none at all, we did not anticipate that people would notice that the program was dissolved,” Jensen said via email. “The fact that we are discussing this now means that some community members do care, and that is fantastic!”

Sherlock Ortiz ’20 was not surprised that the program was canceled.

“I saw the ads from time to time,” Ortiz said. “The idea of drinking at Maggie’s never occurred to me because it’s more of a space to study and relax, not get bev’d.”

Another explanation for the event’s cancellation was brought forth by Amy Jordan, an employee at Maggie’s. She spoke to a logistical struggle with the program’s functionality.

“OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission) licensing is required to serve alcohol, and only one person on the staff had that license, and they no longer work nights,” Jordan said.

Jensen mentioned the future possibility of creating a similar space in which staff and students of age can gather.

“(We) have been speaking with a number of departments and offices across the campus on how to create an ongoing, focused and enticing event that would bring together faculty, staff, students and alumni to create a stronger community for our drinking age guests,” Jensen said. “We are looking at new spaces and programming that will foster more inclusion and participation, ideas that will re-energize the concept of a place on campus to meet and share a couple of drinks as our old model had obviously failed.”

Jensen has welcomed any students who are interested in expressing their opinion on this topic to contact him directly at rjensen@lclark.edu.

Written by Marc-Anthony Valle.

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