Campus favorites for staying active at school

By J’juan White

When it comes to the Lewis & Clark campus, eyes are often drawn to its sheer beauty. From the garden’s perfectly manicured display to the chapel pipes waiting to bellow beautiful notes, our school has many alluring qualities. Yet an often overlooked feature of the LC campus is the athletic facilities.

Finnegan Lambert ’21 is an advocate for utilizing Pamplin Sports Center to its fullest potential.

“I really like Pamplin … I go there, I would say about four times a week to workout,” Lambert said. “Whether it’s in the weight room, or the ellipticals up in the fitness room.”

The Pamplin weight room was renovated five years ago. What once looked like an aged, dungeonesque room, now rivals the training facilities of all top-tier facilities in the Pacific Northwest.

Ela Pencl ’21 works at the front desk of Pamplin Sports Center and also uses the weight room a few times a week. She wishes to see more people utilize and enjoy the space the campus provides.

Pencl offered some advice for anyone who may be a bit shy or nervous about working out in Pamplin.

“I would just tell them that it’s hard in the beginning, maybe you feel intimidated, but if you are doing it for yourself and training for yourself, then it is only (your) business,” Pencl said.

She went on to add how being active is a great way to relieve stress.

“I think going to the weight room, or at least running, or using the (cardio) machines are a great way of staying mentally fit,” Pencl said.

Lambert commented on the environment that working out next to student athletes creates.

“Lifting weights is a nice energy, especially if the sports teams are there,” Lambert said. “You get a little boost, some competition.”

Aside from having fantastic facilities, LC is in a prime location for anyone that wants to be active off campus as well.

Lambert says that he also enjoys going out for runs through Tryon, as well as rock climbing.

“I know there are a bunch of (rock climbing) gyms, I only went to one. I have a bunch of friends who boulder and I went to belay them,” Lambert said. “Everyone was really fit, everyone is really healthy, everyone was really encouraging!”

Rock climbing is a great example of something that students can do off campus to stay fit and make good friends. There are five climbing facilities within a four mile radius of campus, making the activity very accessible, the Climbing Club even offers shuttles to the Circuit.

Another great way to stay active is to practice yoga. Kasia Preski ’21 began practicing on campus. As a former swimmer she looked for another outlet to stay active after leaving the sport and yoga was the best fit for her.

“I fell in love with the teacher, and meditativeness and just being able to move your body,” Preski said.

Preski is a member and teacher of the Yoga Club on campus. Additionally, she practices off campus at Flex & Flow in northeast Portland.

“Through yoga I was able to redefine that part of a workout, which just makes me feel more in touch with not only my body but my soul too,” Preski said.

For anyone interested, Yoga Club meets Monday through Friday from 4-5 p.m. in Tamarack.

No matter how you wish to stay active, there is a plethora of outlets both on and off campus to exercise. If you are new to fitness, feel free to go into Pamplin and see what it has to offer!

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