Review: The Field

By Roshan Bhatia

Infinite Moment,” the newest project from Berlin-based producer The Field, reaffirms why he is consistently placed at the forefront of the German underground techno scene.

Sonically, “Infinite Moment” is not so much a drastic change from the fairly minimal songs found on The Field’s previous releases, but rather an expansion of the ideas explored in 2016’s “The Follower.” “Infinite Moment”’s arrangements are much more dance-oriented, as the songs are more varied in structure, a departure from the post-rock-esque repetition of ideas found in previous releases. Additionally, the drums are brought to the forefront, and delay is liberally applied to pop microsamples that make up the melody, which ultimately both serve to make the songs on “Infinite Moment” much more rhythmically engaging. Compared to The Field’s previous projects, which have been more drone-like in nature despite their discernable beat and rhythm, “Infinite Moment” is less concerned with creating ambient-like soundscapes.

“Infinite Moment” seems to have propelled The Field into a style of ambient techno which is more characteristic of his label’s founder Wolfgang Voigt, whose releases under the moniker GAS defined ambient techno and solidified Kompakt as the premier techno label in Germany. “Infinite Moment” shares a lot with GAS’s 2000 release “Pop,” in the sense that samples and tracks are mixed in a way that they fade in and out of one another, creating interesting interactions between them that break up the often repetitive dance tracks.

Ultimately, while “Infinite Moment” isn’t very different stylistically from The Field’s previous albums, it both refines and expands upon the ideas which he has explored in the past, and once again affirms his name as one of the strongest in the experimental techno scene.


Verdict: 8/10 beans

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