Letter to the Editor

Dear Pioneer Log,

I write to congratulate and thank the Board of Trustees for their recent decision to divest the college from fossil fuel companies. I know that from a financial standpoint this was not an easy decision. However, from an ethical and a philosophical standpoint, this was the appropriate approach.

Notwithstanding the backward view of a small minority in this country (including, sadly, some in the current US Administration), the science is clear. Climate change is upon us. We can no longer stop it, but we can slow or limit its effects — if we all work hard. Everyone needs to do their part to try to limit the damage, and to find new less damaging ways to do things.

Both the College and the Law School should be all about teaching students to ask hard questions — in a professional manner — and to work to find creative solutions with integrity. In other words, to Pioneer new approaches to hard problems.

The Trustee’s decision was and is the right move for Lewis & Clark College. It reminds me of a similar decision, decades ago, to divest from South Africa holdings. These kinds of hard but appropriate decisions make me proud to call myself an Alumnus. They encourage me to recommend LC to young people who have enthusiasm and integrity.

Thank you Trustees Board Members for making the right decision!


Karl G. Anuta

1981 – BS Political Science

1986 – JD with a Cert. In Env. Law

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