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“It’s about time that I got on that stage,”: Jason Feiner Headlining Sunburn

*The Backdoor is a “work” of “fiction” and “humor”

By Lani Felicitas

Director of Student Activities Jason Feiner will be headlining the 2018 Sunburn Music Festival. Several Lewis & Clark students and staff heard rumors of Feiner playing the festival, but such rumors were recently confirmed by his dog Daisy, who will be performing alongside him.

“It’s about time that I got on that stage,” Feiner said. “All the years I’ve been here at the college, I was always behind the scenes, making sure student events run smoothly. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. But the music is what I’m really about.”

Sunburn 2018 will mark Feiner and Daisy’s first show, where they will be playing as The Feiner Things In Life, with Feiner on guitar and Daisy on vocals. The lineup also include Queering Foucault, a SOAN student-professor band, and Smell You Later, a local Portland band fronted by an LC alumna who studied Chemistry and wrote her thesis on aromatic compounds.

The duo has been jamming long before Feiner came to LC. Having access to various student spaces, they have used the Co-Op and the Trail Room as jam spaces when undergraduate students are gone during the summer. A few times a month, Feiner and Daisy turns the Student Activities office into a jam space to destress from work. They even held a secret show in that office.

When Feiner came to LC, he was inspired by the Do-It-Yourself lifestyle that many LC students embody and started writing and recording songs on his iPhone. Feiner is particularly inspired by Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore and has saved up to buy several guitar effects pedals. Daisy, on the other hand, was inspired by Kim Gordon’s experimental vocals in her most recent project “Body/Head” and wanted to channel her essence at her Sunburn performance through various howls and growls. The duo did not disclose the handle for their Soundcloud account where they post their music. Feiner, however, did say that he looks forward to finally sharing his “true self” at one of the many popular student events he helps coordinate every year. The duo will have screen printed t-shirts and limited edition cassette tapes at Sunburn. All funds go to Daisy’s new vocal effects pedal.

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