Best things to do on Valentine’s Day

Illustration by Sarah Bradbury

By Joanne Mero

Traditionally, on Valentine’s day, people celebrate with romantic events that express their love for their partners. Often, this is done with stale chocolates, overpriced roses and crowded restaurants. Understandably, there are some who do not consider themselves fans of the holiday.

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday. In the midst of their busy week, many LC students have a hot date with homework.

“When even is Valentine’s Day?” Sarai Miranda ’20 said.

Focused on school, Valentine’s Day isn’t very high on many students’ lists of priorities. Students plan on making reservations for good ol’ Watzek. For them, Valentine’s Day is just like any other day of the week filled with studying.

“I’m probably going to be spending long hours in the library,” Chrislyn DeMattos ’19 said. “Romantic walks between the books, to and from the vending machine.”

While it’s disappointing that Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday, DeMattos was entertained by the day of the week in particular.

“Has anyone made a ‘hump day’ joke yet?” DeMattos said.

Wednesday may not be the best time for a date night. Weekday options may be limited, but there are some downtown favorites. Exploring Powell’s Books, checking out food trucks and taking a walk on the waterfront are often the go-to.

Homework aside, Ellery Lloyd ’20 is hoping for a night of relaxation.

“Maybe I’ll just go to the art museum,” Lloyd said. “I’ll be my own date.”

If you are looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day later in the week, the Portland Art Museum offers $5 admission tickets every Friday after 5p.m.

“I’m probably going to be by myself watching Saturday Night Live,” Lloyd said. Her ideal Valentine’s Day is simply having time to unwind.

“I have a hot date with the shower,” Lloyd said. “It’s gonna be really steamy.”

If you are planning to have a date night downtown, eating some ice cream from Salt & Straw is a popular choice. However, Miranda disagrees as she thinks it’s overpriced.

“Girl, I’m broke,” Miranda said. “If someone else is paying, I’ll go.”

“I have a steamy date with KFC,” Asia Wooten ’20 said. “It might happen early.”

Some couples aren’t letting homework get in the way of romance. After classes end on Wednesday, Jasmine Bruinooge ’20 plans to take the Pio downtown with her boyfriend.

“We’re planning on going somewhere nice downtown that’s reasonably priced,” Bruinooge said. “Of course, we’ll eat a lot of chocolate while watching a movie.”

Living Room Theaters downtown offers an intimate movie experience. With spacious seating, food delivery and comfy reclining chairs, tickets are slightly more expensive than the average theater.

“We’ll probably watch Netflix,” Bruinooge said. “It saves time and money.”

Bruinooge plans on purchasing movie-watching snacks from Maggie’s.

“Some of my favorite chocolates right now are those Lindt Truffles and the dark chocolate bars with raspberries,” Bruinooge said.

Students seem to be treating Valentine’s Day as a normal Wednesday or a holiday to focus more on self care. In recent years, there has been more of a trend to “treat yourself” rather than being an Anti-Valentine’s Day enthusiast. Instead of being upset about not having a date, many are opting to make themselves their own Valentine. A common tradition is waiting until after the holiday has passed to buy the candy on sale. Really, the best part of being your own Valentine is keeping all the treats for yourself.


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