An apology to the LC community

To the Lewis & Clark community:

I would like to issue a formal retraction of, and apology for, the article published yesterday, Nov. 3, in The Backdoor titled “New study finds LC actually has Athletics department.”

The article, a work of satire, represents a lapse in judgement on behalf of myself and the editor of The Backdoor. The piece was not intended to delegitimize or denigrate student athletes, though it was reasonably understood to do so. The Pioneer Log is by and for students and is intended to represent their voices, not to offend or alienate members of the campus community.

The piece has been removed from our website, and a formal retraction, as well as a version of this letter, will appear in print in our Nov. 17 issue. As a forum for student voices, the PioLog is a medium that thrives on discourse. I encourage anybody who feels strongly about the Backdoor piece to write a letter to the editor to be published in print alongside this one.

Thank you,

Peter Kranitz


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