Women’s tennis season update

Photo Courtesy of LC Pioneers

Lewis & Clark’s women’s tennis team is continuing their legacy as one of the top dogs in the NWC as they have effectively won all of their matches since the beginning of the fall 2016 semester, carrying over their winning streak into the Spring 2017 semester.

One of those winning highlights include the Pio’s 9-0 win against Willamette on Feb. 17. Beginning with victory in the first three doubles matches of the day were doubles Kacey Incerpi ’18 and Josie Legarza ’20, then Wiktoria Plawska ’17 and Christine Eliazo ’18, and finally Caroline Hennes ’20 and Carla Thomas ’19. Each double swept their match with a winning score of 8.

Hennes admitted that she was very nervous although “Carla made it really run and relaxing,” she said. Those relationships to have with a doubles partner create for such a comfortable dynamic in which a player can focus purely on the game.


The singles sets were equally as successful for the Pios. Plawska, Lezargo, Eliarzo and Chloe Sermet ’20 each won their set with Tash Hood ’20 achieving the second win in her career and Adrienne Fox ’18 scoring the ninth point of the Pio’s 9-0 win.


LC’s 6-3 win at the Scotford Tennis Center on Feb. 19 was the match that pull the Pios to rank 18th in the ITA Division III and third overall in the west region. Grabbing the first two points of the game was Legarza and Incerpi. Incerpi also won her single match against Whitman.


Another accomplishment achieved by LC was hosting the Northwest Conference tournament, which meant that the Pios were on their way to winning their first conference title since 1979. In order to host the tournament next year, however, LC will have to win quite a few more games.


Kelly, Legarza, Eliazo and Incerpi all won their singles matches. Legarza’s win was a remarkable turnaround considering she had lost to her opponent only a week before. Eliazo remained undefeated against her opponent. In addition, one of the most interesting matches of the day was between Plawska and Linfield’s Ella Riddle. Riddle unfortunately beat in their top singles match 6-3 and 6-3. Tash Hood ’20 happened to lose as well. An unfortunate curve to the Pio’s streak, although a losses were unable to detour LC’s competition.

“I am super proud of the girls,” said head coach Patrick Dreves. “It’s awesome to have Natalie Kelly back in the mix after basketball, and she clinched the match for us.”

Finishing off the day was Eliazo and Plawska, who won their doubles match 8-7 (10-5) against Linfield’s Kopecka and Clayeux.

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